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From the initial May 2007 lab report of my                                                                   Chlamydia pneumoniae Differentiation Antibody Panel (IgM. IgGi, IgA) results;Laboratory Reference Range:IgM < 1:16 Antibody not detectedIgG < 1:32 Antibody not detectedIgA < 1:16 antibody not detectedIgM titers of 1:16 or greater are indicative of recent infectionsii.  However, anyt-chlamydial IgM is very corss-reactive  and may demonstrate titer to more than one species.IgG titers of 1:32 or greater may indicate past exposure to a particular species.  Titers of 1:128 or less may be due to cross-reactive antibody or a non-specific stimulation of chlamydial antibody Infectiown with a particular species usually yields antibodies of a higher titer than with non-infecting species.  IgG titers in recently infected individuals are usually greater than or equal to 1:512.IgA titers may be elevated in recurrent or chronic infections and may be helpful in identifying the infection species of Chlamydia when cross-reactive IgG is present.My results were IgM - <1:16  This is within In Range Reference range Antibody not detected                            IgG - 1:512High This is out of reference range which is <1:32                            IgA - 1:512High  This is out of reference range which is <1:16 My dxii is CFSii and I had a high bacterial loadii although the IgM has not indication of recent infection.   My IgG and IgA indicate CHRONIC infection as I see it.   C.Pn. was problematic for me as a persistent chronic intracellularii infection. However, depending on the target sites of CPn in your body this could all come out negative. This is the point here in not relying on lab data to dx as negative for CPn, and the point for emperical treatment. My result is somewhat unusual because I recall several episodes of a respiratory infection that in retrospect in the late 1980's, which could been have classified for the Dx "walking" pneumoniae for which I did not seek antibiotic therapy ( in those days I was pretty anti-antibiotic, thinking that the body would triumph over whatever, I was sick but able to function.  I hear folks like this coughing for extended periods of time and now think C.Pn.)   Louise

I had been on Doxycycline and Roxythromycin since Jan- July 1 2014. Then in July my doctor wanted to start treating me for Lyme with 2g of IV Rocephin/day for four weeks. I got nervous about  all those antibiotics at once so I admitted to her that I was also taking Roxythromycin. She was prescribing the Doxycycline for  the Lyme so she didn't have a problem with that antibiotic but she got pissed when she heard I was taking the Roxy without  a perscription and expecially that it was from overseas.  She said that she would dismiss me if I didn't agree to stop taking it and follow her recommendations exactly. She said after all the detoxing she has done with me, the CPn would have shown up by now. So she doesn't think that I have CPn. I do however have MS, newly unmasked chronic Lyme, High Lead levels, super high CMV, hypoglycemia, reactive arthritis, and hypercoagulative state (sticky blood) which puts me at risk of stroke, heart attack or pulmonary embolism. So I don't want to lose her, but I get nervous that she has a valid reason why I shouldn't be on this class of antibiotic. I didnt even dare tell her I want to start pulsing. OOh then the gloves really would've come off. Now I am worried that just being on one will build resistance. Not to mention I think I was starting to feel better from the waist up, but it's so hard to quantify. So Louise, I know you had a lot of co-infections and conditions, so do you understand my dilemma? Would love any pointers in how to win her over?



MS: First sx '93 dx '09 no obvious relapses just steady decline since '07. Crippling fatigue, too weak to sit up for extended periods of time. Cane/walkers/electric chair inside, helicopter outside. Started protocol 11/16/13.  1200mg N

Julie,  Lets take this out of my blogspace and into yours or into a forum thread of it's own own.  Can you do a copy and paste of your comments elsewhere?  Or you can copy and paste it to me in a pmessage if you want to keep it private.   I do have some thoughts for you but they are just my personal opinions to consider as you figure out this current situation.

Others may be interested so your choice private or public yet out of my blog OK??


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MS: First sx '93 dx '09 no obvious relapses just steady decline since '07. Crippling fatigue, too weak to sit up for extended periods of time. Cane/walkers/electric chair inside, helicopter outside. Started protocol 11/16/13.  1200mg N