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Methylation, Metals Toxicity and Nutrigenomic Testing Results,a major Adjunct Treatment enables Nerve coating repair.Blogpage Originally Submitted by Louise on Sunday, 2010-03-21 17:06.   Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Fibromyalgia Folic acid Genetics Immune Infections Inflammation Melatonin Multiple Sclerosis Neurological diseases Seratonin SupplementsUpdate June 7, 2010 I am currently in the process of Biochemical Testing to support my Nutrigenomic Profile Test results. For me this has involved withdrawning all of my supplementsi to get a baseline on my methlyation dysfuctions and I am now into the second week with 6 more days to go. If I had any doubt that the Yasko Protocol was a perfect augment to my gains from long term CAPi protocol they are completely gone. It has been interesting from an objective view to see myself begin to slide down, down, down, on the functionality improvements. It has happened so quickly that there is not way that infection is key in this state of being, lack of supplementsi to create a genetic by pass for my genetic variations (mutations) is the only explanation. That should be confirmed early next week when I obtain my unsupplemented urine specimens and send them off to the labs. ASAP I will be starting back on all the Step One supplements as well as Sam-E, 5 methyltetrahydrofolate, Royal Jelly and the glandulars to support organs. The I wait for 3 weeks for an opinion from Dr Y on the combination of the genetic results and the biochemical results for some specifics that apply more directly to my variations.Challenges that began to deminish over the past several years are beginning to catch my attention, most would be a bit more worrisome if I did not know that they are directly related to the lack of methylation supports. The fasted way to get your situation and specific supplements is to do the genetic testing and the biochemical testing at the same time after a 2 week period of no supplements and a briefer abxi free window, the test kits are specific about time frame just a short cessation from the abxi would due fine. There is a synchronicity here for all who need CAP. The Yasko Protocol is for neurological inflamation from the very start and CFSi/FMSi/MS the whole list has neurological inflamation. We are having so many conversations regarding metal toxicity and these supplements support the body's natural ability to detoxify and if that is not enough but they time you have supported your methylation cycles, you will be well able to tolerate more of the chelators general presence in your body. For myself I will say that I wish that I had fully tested two years ago when I first heard of the approach. I have picked at it here and there and had benefit but I would be so so much weller now had I combined the full program with the CAP from the start 3 years ago but 2 years ago when I learned about it I thought that I could sort of do it own my own. Having my nutrigenomics run this past winter,I now find that I have fair number of mutations that need the specifics of the full Yasko Protocol, had I not the need for the full Yasko Protocol, I would likely to have not needed the CAP, it all sort of fits together perfectly, to augment each protocol as well as supporting the other protocol. Still it is a hard sell and requires as much understanding or more than how to do the CAP correctly and just like CAP it takes time to get through the Three Step Yasko Protocol and then of course there will be some sort of maintanance for life as geneticsi are for life! Almost as hard, if not harder, than getting the interest of folks in understanding the validity of CAP so as to consider giving that a go! Well that is more than enough for now. I write more once I get back on some of my methylation supports and report of the reversal to my pre-supplement free window for baseline testing state. What will be more interesting is just what options will be suggested based on the combination of the genetics and the biochemisty. And then there will be the report of from the Yasko Protocol Conference in Boston late July/Early Aug 2010. I will likely start a new blog page for my sharing of that experience.With a stroke of luck ,I may even win a private sitting with Dr Y as she is raffling off one slot to raise money for Autism. It sounds like a real fun weekend, I posted a tread on it some months ago. Maybe some of you may attend if you are close enough to drive to Boston. If you do decide to attend, please drop me a pmessage so we can arrange to find each other to say hello.Update May 18, 2010: I continue to self educate regarding the application of the Individualized Yasko Protocol which is more specifically know as Nutrigenomics. I know that this is very similar to my initial start with CAP treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (begun three years ago). There is much to take in and learn about this adjunt that I am now adding to complement the gains that I have made on CAP. And the addition of the Yasko Protocol is taking me forward from improvement with CAP to and even greater feeling of wellbeing. This added Individualized treatment based on my Nutrigenomic profiling. Nutrigenomics (the process of applying specific and appropriate nutritional support through nutritional supplementation that is grounded in science and based on my personalized genetic information. Some would say that they cannot afford the testing and I sat in the postition for the first 1.5 years of attempting to use the Simplified Yasko Protocol as I understood it at that time. And for some that may be very well enough depending on the mutations that your profile could show. There is a lot of effort in cautioning folks to be careful with SAMe which is a very important substance naturally occuring in the body. This is certainly true for those with a strong history of Bi-Polar mood swings. Those that have them know that they do and will be cautious, for the remainer of folks well: SAMe is a naturally occuring substance and donates much to many needed conversions in the body So in my decision about, actually paying the price and getting the Nutrigenomic Testing done which I had resisted doing for the past, year and a half, I bought the new book, dvd and workbook. Then after watching the DVD, skimming the book and workbook, I realized how much more might be available to me and decided to do it, ordered the test kit and sent in the test, easy, home based finger stick. My rationale was that I decided that in the end I might be able to decrease the dosages and perhaps even the numbers of supplements that I was already taking and the ongoing expense, by finding out what specifically was needed to address my specific deficiencies in the way that my body processes food and medications. One of the keys to supplementation in the Individualized Yasko Methylation Cycle Protocol is that supplementation is done with many substances given is much smaller amounts than what I have been acustomed to taking, so that once a product is obtained it last a much longer time.I continue to sort out my variations (mutations) and to learn the appropriate supplementsi used to make my supplementation schedule to my needs through the Individualized Yasko Methylation Cycle Protocol.My effort are directed to promote improved health and healing which began with the start of CAPi in the Spring of 2007, the addition of my initial methylation support supplements in August 2008, the further addition of methytlation supplements in June 2009, increase in dosages of some of these supplements in the Fall of 2009 and the remarkable improvement that I experience in March 2010 with the change from Folic Acid to 5-methy-tetra-hydro-folate as I awaited my Nutrigenomic Profile results. In some ways I was lucky with what I added with my individual experiment with supplements that are in the ballpark of the initial Simplified Yasko Protocol.Those that I chose seemed to fit for me and confirmed previous results from my Nutreval testing in May 2009 that I had methylation defects. In hindsight, had I done the Nutrigenomics testing instead of the Nutreval one year ago, I would likely be further along in becoming well balanced in my methylation cycles and perhaps even have ceased frequent visits to CPnhelp behind me at this point. Still to see my progress in conjunction with my ability to sustain what I have gained on the 20 months of full time CAP and to be continuing to hold my ground with my intermittent phase CAP seems remarkable when compaired to some of the experiences of several users here that started around about the same time in the Spring/Summer of 2007 now three years ago.My wish is that readers here might be open enough to sort out the easy to apply features of the earlier version of the Simplified Yasko Protocol and like many other things give it a good try to see if it is an adjunct that could work for you. The ability to methylate decreases with age, even in those that have no methylation defects (variations or mutations of their genetics that are key in the functioning of these methylation circuits.) Methylation defects are now being associated with many of the chronic conditions that affect so many people. Just like folks here talk about sharing CAP for chronic conditions I share that perspective but in addition to CAP I sure wish that I had discovered, and taken to heart the addition as well of the Yasko Protocol, simplified or individualized it would have shorted my down time. May be not my treatment time but the time that I was incapacitated. I have been outspoken and provided links and forum topics repeatedly, and sent pmessages to those of you whom I have know here for a long time, and many have been courteous as they put the information up on the shelf. I hope that at some point some of you dust off the information and become open to to this amazing adjunct that has and promises to do more for my health improvements. By Aug 2008 it was clear to me that I had plateaued. I was much better but not enough better to predictably commit to working in the world. By Feb 2010 I realized that I needed to know more to work the Yasko Protocol more precisely to make the transition to sustained energy, day after day like a "normal person" does. I had missed one of the key supplements, did not know enough to see that I could have a very specific need for the 5-THF version of folic acid. With the first capsule I literally felt another level of improvement lift me, brighten my awareness. I was very amazed but over the past several month on 5 THF supplement (which I have used in higher doses on my own several times a day) life just keeps getting easier for me.So here once again is the pitch for the Yasko Protocol. I encourage you all to open your eyes and see that although the CAP is the complete answer for some of you and is truly all that you need to get healthy again, for others of us, adding another adjunct or several may help you turn the corner towards the home stretch and a productive, enjoyable life. CAP is a marathon, Yasko Protocol is a marathon, to combine them has certainly been life changing for me.I encourage you to at least begin to investigate the possiblity of combining the two of these powerful "out of the box but grounded in science" approaches to healing ourselves. Louise Update April 23, 2010: My Nutrigenomic Testing results are back. Now I get to sort out my variations (mutations) and appropriate supplements used in the Individualized Yasko Methylation Cycle Protocol to create healing and health to increase the improvements that I've had which began with the start of CAP in the Spring of 2007.I am working the three step process of The Yasko (Individualized Methylation) Cycle Protocol:Step One: Create a Genetic By Pass with supplementsi that will make my methylation cycle effective and smooth running.Step Two: Increases spontaneous detoxification of any metal toxicity that may be lurking undetecteded in the body. Infectionsi increase the chances of undetected metal toxicity that impare the proper functioning of the bodies methylation detoxification cycles. Bacteria have been found to harbor Aluminium, Viruses have been found to harbor mercury and lead winthin the cells of the body.Step Three: Increase healing supports with the addition of supplements that aid in the restoration of any nerves that may need re-myelination in my body.So far, the Yasko Protocol suggested supplements that I started to add to my treatment plan in Aug 2008 and am currently taking, have made a huge improvement. They added to the wonderful improvements gained from my treatment on the Wheldon Protocol CAP of 20 months continuous CAP, and since Feb 2009 I have continued thus far with 14 months on theCAP Intermittent Phase Treatment. I would really like to correspond with anyone here is or has actively done the CAP and who has also applying the Yasko Nutrigenomic Testing and the necessary resulting additions and supstitutions to their supplementation list. I am interesting in discussions which centers around the impact of these results of testing to increase understanding of the options for by passing the defects of methylation pathway disturbances through supplementation to expand our understanding of the Yasko Protocol approach as an adjunct to our CAPi treatment as discussed here at CPnhelp website. Please send me a p-message if you would like to have an indepth exchange discussion of the process.My three year anniversary from initial start of treatment for CFSi is one month away. I can say, that taking the CAP treatment and finding this web-based community have been a true blessings in my life.Also please note that I can offer a discount code for anyone that desires to reduce their cost for the Nutrigenomic Testing, Methylation Pathway Analysis test and other items. It is good to know your specific methylation puzzle, particularly if you are challenged by extensive reactions to the CAP. Knowing that there are ways to work around these challenges and it may well make the process of CAP treatment easier on yourself, that is, if you are one of us who are really hit hard by the CAP. For those who are not hit very hard by CAP treatment protocol, you are fortunate, at least in that regard.CAP Treatment History: May 2007 - Dx for CFS/FMS 20+yrsJune 2007 - Wheldon CAP started - CPn positive - Lab titer confirmed, Supplements per protocol.July 2007 - Bb - Lab confirmedNovember 2007 - Tinidazole Pulses started November 2007 - Cholestyramine HS PRNi x 7days for porphyrins and endotoxini reduction startedJanuary 2008 - Vitamin D3 increased to 6000 IU/dayMarch 2008 - Iodoral, iodine supplement 25 mg/ day startedMay 2008 - Bio-identical Hormonal Replacement Therapy startedAugust 2008 - Sam-e supplementation started wih extra vitamin B supplementOctober 2008 - Vit D3 dose increased to 10,000IU/day February 4, 2009 - Transitioned to Intermittent phase CAP (Doxi Clari, Tinidazole) February 17, 2009 - LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone for CFS) startedMay 2009 - Nutreval Testing done( a Genova Labs test), confirmed methylation challengesAugust 2009 - SAMe dosage increased within the guidelines and after consultation with LEF support doctor.January 1, 2010 - Inclined Therapy began (and continues as of May 2010)January 2010 - Ursodiol 300 mg BIDi (increased to 300 mg TID in March) to improve Bile flow and reduce liver irritation.January 19, 2010 - Lauricidin started for anti-bacterial/viral effect.March 2010 - Methyation By Pass Supplement 5-THF (5 tetra-hydro-folate) replaces folic acid as folate supplement with remarkable effect on my perception of improvements in my quality of life.Apri 23, 2010 - Comprehensive Methylation Panel + Methylation Pathway Analysis results returned to me.April 25, 2010 - Beginning of Personalized methylation supplemental supports per nutragenomic test for methylation pathway variations to support progress resulting from 3 yrs CAP treatment.Pmessage me if you would like more information regarding a discount code for the Methylation Pathway Analysis of your genetics and other support materials and supplements. This Nutrigenomics approach is a well matched for addition to CAP (even B12 and Vit D play a major role just they has been discussed here on CPnhelp forums, many of the supplements from the Lists on this website are part of the supplementation to by pass genetically influenced defects of methylation applied through the Nutrigenomic approach. Adding this protocol to CAProtocol may well improve the possibility for nerve repair for those that have and have had suffered debilitation because of nerve or neural damage.Health and Healing to all. Louise

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My Nutrigenomic Testing results are here and now I get to sort this all out!


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Treatment update April 25, 2010:

5-2007 Wheldon CAPi started for CFSi 20+yr FMSi,

7-2007 CPn Lab titer confirmed positive, Bb (Lyme) Lab confirmed

11-24-2007 1st full Tinidazole Pulse, 5 days Tinidazole 500mg twice a day AM & PM

11-27-2007 Cholestyramine HS PRNi x 7d for porphyrins and endotoxini reduction begun

1-2008 Vit D3 increased to 6000 IU/ day

3-2008 Iodoral iodine supplement 25 mg/ day started

5-2008 Bio-identical Hormonal Replacement Therapy started

8-2008 Sam-e supplementation started wih extra vitamin Bs

10-2008 Vit D3 dose increased to 10,000IU/day

5-2009 Nutreval Testing done, results confirmed methylation challenges

2-4-2009 Transitioned to Intermittent phase CAP (Doxi Clari, Tinidazole)

2-17-2009 LDNi – Low Dose Naltrexone for CFS started

1-2010 Inclined Therapy began

1-2010 Ursodiol 300 mg BIDi

1-2010 Lauricidin started

2-2010 Comprehensive Methylation Panel Drawn and send to Yasko Office.

3-2010 Methyation By Pass Supplementsi increased > improvements in quality

of life.

4-2010 Comprehensive Methylation Panel + Methylation Pathway Analysis results returned. Sorting of results and changes to supplementation to create genetic by pass begun and process to encourage spontaneous detoxification of any heavy metal toxins sequestered in my body started as well as supplementation to encourage re-myelination of any nerve cells that have been damaged from methylation defects concomitant with CPn/Bb infectionsi and or viral infections as a result of the infections and the genetic methylation cycle dYsfunctions.

Please pmessage me for further discussions about my particular changes of supplementsi if you are interested in exploring these possibilities for yourself.

Wishing Health and healing to all, Louise


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Hi Louise, I must admit that I haven't been paying much attention to the Yasko protocolsi--I just take the supplementsi and hope it's enough. With my crazy work load,I haven't been able to keep up with all of it. I did spend some time on her message boards but haven't had time for it lately. Thank goodness my doctor has my test results and pays attention to my profile when he advises me. As it is,I have trouble keeping up with all the things I need to in order to be healthy--like making sure I do my B12 shots at least once a week.

But I am not giving up. I hope you will keep posting about your findings. I am taking the baseline supplementsi (simplified Yasko) and find it really does help.



Feeling 95% well-going for 100. Still testing + for Cpni. CAPi since 8-05 for Cpn/Mycoplasma P.for MSi and/or CFSi. Also EBVi and HHV6. Doxyi, Azith, Tinii pulses. NACi, Iodoral, T3, BHRT, MethyB12 injections, Nitro patch, LDNi, FIRsauna, methylation supps ___________________________________________________________

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Raven, for you that certainly may be enough to support you, depending on what your Nutrigenomic Profiling results are and with you, you do know them.  And once these are know for an individual they do not change. 

What is know about them may change and you may want to know more about others that are discovered down the road, but the basic genetic information is not changed by supplementation. 

The basic geneticsi stay the same and they can contribute to many of the bodily systems that are showing symptoms (your current disease processes and diagnosis).  The Metabolic Anaylsis Panel shows the effects of supplementation or in the case of my baseline that I want to establish the un supplemented metabolic state.  From the baseline state it will be easier to begin to supplement in the amounts and types that are an individualized approach to By Pass my deficiencies.   The chemistry is used to support the genetics.   I had a complete evaluation, a larger test, from the same lab that will be used this time that will be available for comparison.  That to was in an unsupplemented state and so I know that for myself going to the unsupplemented state will have temporarly consiquences of decline so I am having to choose my time.   Like planning when to fit in a pulse into your life and responsibilties on CAPi.  

Currently the supplementsi that I am taking are much higher than would be recommended on the Yasko.   But in studying my Nutrigenomic Profile I see why they are working for me and what they are by passing in these amounts.    I know I can get just as much benefit from lower doses of a variety of more substances and better coverage of all the interconnected cycles by switching to the Full Yasko Protocol.    

I am continuing to learn more day by day.   Over the past 2 - 9 months I have added some supplementsi and changed the amounts of some supplements.  With these I have had remarkable changes and improvements, but my doses need to be customized and more aspects covered.

And I have not "officially" started the indepth Yasko Protocol, as I am still taking what I have been taking over the past several years and what was started about the time that I sent the testing in to HHI back in Feb 2010.

I needed to find a window of 2 weeks to go off of everything ( will probable stay on the D as I am committed to taking that more like a medication, but to get a clear baseline of the MAP, Metabolic Analysis Profile   which is a Genova test, but by having it done through HHI will allow me the comments from that office on the return results which I can then share with my MD.

The office did not insist on this supplement free state when I asked about the necessity, but from my point of view, since this is all self pay, I want to know what my body dose when not supported and then add back in what is seen to be needed.   A lot of our CAP supplements make that list too!  

Any of my MAPs run after this initial one are supposed to be while on the current level of your specific supplements to creat your Genetic By Pass and improve your vaious aspects of the methylation cycles so that more can be added or excesses can be lowered.

Only thing that I might say to others are why are you not thinking about including the Yasko Protocol as an adjunct support of the Wheldon Protocol????  

After all MS is a de-myelinating disease and methylation is the way the body can repair and support the need for re-myelinating the coating on the nerves.  We like science here and this is the science as Dr Amy shares it.


PS - the body of this blog has been updated today 5/18/10.

  • CAP(TiniOnly): 06/07-02/09 for CFS
  • MethylationProtocolSupplements: Started08/08
  • Intermtnt CAP: 02/09-02/10
  • Full MethylProtocol & LDN 02/09
  • Off CAP: 02/10, cont LDN & MethlyProtocol support

Hi Louise

I have tried to do some reading about this but I must admit that I find it quite difficult to understand, and my brain is still very confused. Is there any simplified list of adjuncts to start with, just to see if it helps? 

Thank you. 

Diagnosed with MS on March 2009, started CAP on Jan 2010. Doxy 200mg- Roxy 300mg- NAC and all major supplements.

  • CAP(TiniOnly): 06/07-02/09 for CFS
  • MethylationProtocolSupplements: Started08/08
  • Intermtnt CAP: 02/09-02/10
  • Full MethylProtocol & LDN 02/09
  • Off CAP: 02/10, cont LDN & MethlyProtocol support

Amy Yasko, PhD discusses her biomedical treatment protocol
Quicktime viewer formatneeded to view can be downloaded for free just google to find it.Part one: two: three: 


  • CAP(TiniOnly): 06/07-02/09 for CFS
  • MethylationProtocolSupplements: Started08/08
  • Intermtnt CAP: 02/09-02/10
  • Full MethylProtocol & LDN 02/09
  • Off CAP: 02/10, cont LDN & MethlyProtocol support