27 Apr 2018



Could bookmarks be added to the list of what to display on home page?  Thanks  


Mary Ann mine is already there and when I went to where I thought it could be turned off it was not part of that list.    Do you want to turn it off?  It does prevent viewing Recent Comments as easily, one just needs to scroll down on the page to find Recent Comment.  I did also rather like recent comments higher on the page but it does work for me.


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  • MethylationProtocolSupplements: Started08/08
  • Intermtnt CAP: 02/09-02/10
  • Full MethylProtocol & LDN 02/09
  • Off CAP: 02/10, cont LDN & MethlyProtocol support

Louise, I didn't make myself clear.  I want to be able to turn the bookmarks off but they aren't part of the list (as you also stated).  BTW, I've learned to go to 'recent posts' on the left side of home page as it displays everything including recent posts from the forums.  It makes it so convenient.  The reason I would like the option to not display bookmarks is beause I don't have any yet.  If I did, I'd probably want to be able to easily see them conveniently listed. 

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