27 Apr 2018

Your might be a porphyriac if....


Since I will freely admit I like many of the Jeff Foxworthy - you might be a redneck if... jokes and frequently truisms.


Rats - can't get the list to attach - ah well there is always tomorrow 

Daisy - Husband on CAP 5/07.   Roxy, Diflucan round three 4-4, Rifampin, Bactrim DS, Mepron 4-6, Prednisone, Novantrone, Doxy, Azithromycin, Flagyl, Mino

Daisy - Husband on CAP 5/07.  Husband died from Acute Myelogenous Leukemia Secondary to the Infusion of Novantrone.  Ie - the treatment with the conventional MS drugs killed him. Daisy on her own CAP 11/2012. 

Thanks Daisy,

I am so glad to see you more, I was getting a bit worried.

CFIDS/ME 25yrs, FMS, IBS, EBV, Cpn, (insomnia - melatonin, GABA, tarazadone, triazolam, novocycloprine, allergy formula, 3 gm tryptophan), Natural HRT peri-M, NAC 2.5 gm, 6-07 Doxy 200 mg day pm, Azith 375 mg M/W/Fday, Pulse8 750mg 4day,375X1 3-24-8

CFIDS/ME, FMS, MCS, IBS, EBV, CMV, Cpn, H1, chronic insomnia, Chronic Lyme, HME, Babesia, Natural HRT-menopause, NAC 2.4 gm,Full CAP 6-2-07, all supplements+Iodorol, Inositol-depression, ultra Chitosan, L lysine Pulse#27 04-19-10 1gm Flagyl/day-5 days<

I've got one. You might be porphyric if you

"happen to find yourself walking down the street looking for someone to start a fight with"

Happened to me last week. Completely out of character I hasten to add! Porphyria crept up on me because I haven't had any in months. 

Come to think of it that probably also qualifies me as a redneck. 

CFS. Started CAP 03-07. Currently: Roxi 600mg + INH 600mg + Tini 1000mg. 10 Pulses done. Sauna every other day. D 7200IU

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