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almost 1 year on clozapine it helps a lot


In a different thread from this one, some of us had been somewhat dismissive the need for blood tests (for CAP).

You are posting here about a drug that is not part of CAP: Clozapine. Clozapine is an older, typical antipsychotic. It was taken off the market because it killed people. After being in demand for patients for which there was nothing else, it was reintroduced under very strict guidelines. It can only be administered under the direction of a consultant (psychiatrist). And then only whilst following set protocols. The supplying company require patient blood samples before supplying the next batch.

Some drugs are more dangerous than other drugs. That fact should be obvious to all.


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supa, it's not dangerous in such small dozes. The dozes on wikipedia is up to 600 mg a day. This is first. The second that you can easily get it in ukraine and russia. Also i just made the blood test, it was much better than that test i made before clozapine, i had CRP 3 times more than norm. Now it's ok.

If you want to buy it in russia or ukraine you go to a doctor neurologist or phsycoatrist give them some money and get the prescribtion. Then you go to a drugstore and buy it, it's name is azaleptin. Russian azaleptin is better than ukranian and made by firm "Organika". also i think that you can get the prescribtion everywhere simulating light insanity

If you still cant buy it then contact me i will try to help. Also there a lot AB in russia for the best price in the world i guess like KLACID,  RULID, azytro and everything needed for CAP. If anybody needs it you can just contact me i will explain where to buy would be the best

you are a moron if you are taking clozapine without having schizophrenia. It is a reserve antipsychotic drug used only then when all other antipsychotics are not working. There are serious dangers that outweight the hypotetical benefits - tardive dyskinesia, neuroleptic malignant syndrome, heart arrhythma or life threatening agranulocytosis which is the reason that strict controls of blood count need to be performed every week for the first two months of treatment and in regular intervals afterwards. Your claim that you are talking only small doses is invalid, since some of these serious conditions are independent of the dose. Yes, you do not need to tell us about the desparate situation of the Russial healthcare system and the massive corruption that pervades all of russian society. 

At this website, people are complaining that it is impossible to buy antibiotics without prescription in their country. What they do not realize is that these restrictions are very reasonable. A couple of years ago I attended a lecture in Vienna about resistence of microbes to antibiotics. There is a clear correlation between sensible antibiotic policies (having antibiotic centers and microbiologists decide about prescriptions of certain antibiotics, for example in Czech Republic reserve antibiotic drugs such as vancomycin can be prescribed only by an antibiotic center) and the resistance of microbes in the given country. Countries where antibiotics are sold over the counter have clearly the most resistant microbes.

Jacck... I agree with 90% of your post about the original post and the corrupt system that excists in the Russian federation but I would also add that the use of antibiotics in farm animals and fish is a greater problem in relation to humans exposure to antibiotics. The issue as I see it is the use of antibiotics incorrectly, and not the use of them, if used correctly i think that is fine, and a lot of people hear who used antibiotics long term can testify to that! So if we are exposed to antibIotics in the food chain I would consider that a far greater issue in the area of exposure to incorrect doses, incorrect antibiotic, incorrect period of usage and there lies the bigger problem!

as for the original post I would really ask M2m2m22 to stick to gaming and football relevant topics as his posts on recommending antibiotics fall well below the mark needed to dispense advice here!



The Greatest Risk of all is Not taking the Risk...

jacck,  I totally agree with Darren about farm animals and abx and wiill only buy guaranteed organic meat. I have seen chicken breasts with unnatural streaks off fat, because the chickens have  been fed abx too makes them grow  quicker.............Sarah 

Completed Stratton/Wheldon regime for aggressive secondary progressive MS in June 2007, after four years, three of which intermittent.   Still improving bit by bit and no relapses since finishing treatment.

The antibiotics given to Atlantic wild “farmed” salmon is unbelievable... my family have a farm and the antibiotics given to cows would frighten you and yes it is within guidelines and the meat is tested afterwards but I certainly am of the belief that we as humans still are exposed to a hell of alot of antibiotics through the food chain.



The Greatest Risk of all is Not taking the Risk...

jack please go to your bathroom and have a look at your mirror, there you will see a real moron!

considering harm from clozapine i wrote already that i used it 1 year and it was ok. what i suggest now is microdozes like 12 mg 3 times a day. in this case side effects are very low ( i dont feel any) i understand that you are able to go to wikipedia and read what's written there in the clozapine's article. but you write not all information - agranulocytosis  can develop only in first month's then the risk is minimal. in mental clinics they give people clozapine in higher dosages for years and nobody wiki it says that doze is up to 600 mg a day it's a huge doze.

Actually if AB dont work you dont have a big choice! the chlamydia pains are so strong that people want to commit suicide. i contacted dignitas and they dont take people with CPN infection. so even this possibility is closed.  supplements or herbal protocols dont kill the pain. It's a huge amount of people for whom AB dont help. These people dont write in the forum and probably die. I was on the russian chlamydia forum and there are a lot of people whom AB  did not help. Some of them used CAP with roxy. So, i repeat, my sugguestion is for those people whom AB dont help.

AB help if it's  their first contact with CPN and you do CAP for minimum 1 year, if your cpn met with AB and you did not cure there is a big possibility for resistance. Same situation if you take small dozes of AB (100 mg doxy for example). Evereybody should start the full CAP and take it minimum 1 year. It's like HIV treatment - if you dont take ART  even 1 day the virus gets resistant and you have to change the scheme.

what helps except AB?

1. clozapine helps for sure and cpn does not become resistant

2. bee venom helps but in some time cpn becomes resistant

3. some strong herbs - artemisia helps for small time and gets resistant, hemlock did not help me but helped another woman, thuia same

4. dry hunger - all symptoms weaken a lot but after come back

( i did cycles of 5 days withiut food and water, than 5 days drinking and eating - 5 cycles of such 10 days)