27 Apr 2018

Chlamydia growth rate?


Is Chlamydia Pneumonia a fast or slow growing/replicating bacteria?  I know they have different phases of growth but are they slow growing like mycoplasmas, borrelia?Also can they lose their cell wall or do they even have one?


Presacanario, this is the type of question that has me wanting to take a microbiology course. I have looked around for some answers and found some likely incomplete information. Which I will not share because this is a vast subject.  What seems clear enough to me is that with any of the stealth bacterial organisms is that to get them to vacate your free space (your body) all of the forms need to addressed at the same time to prevent them from shifting back and forth between these differing forms.  Other wise they can hide when the antibiotic addresses one form they go and hide out in another form. Very sophistocated and crafty from my point of view.

So the combination antibiotic protocol is designed to address all of the forms at the same time, in moderate dosages that generally cause little detrimental effect on your body, and they are taken over an extended period of time to allow for cellular die off and replacement of healthy, uncontaminated cells.     Just my understanding there could be some holes in my explaination.  It will be interesting for me to see what other replys you generate.  Thanks for asking the question it should be interesting.



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Cholestyramine 2packets at BedtimeforPorphoria and Die-offSymptoms Of Fatigue,Brainfog,MoodDisturbances,BalanceFromApoptosis.

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I've asked this of Dr. Stratton. He refers to Cpn as  slow growing organism in vivo.  If it were not, then it would be like a staph infection that rapidly overwhelms the body within hours or days, yet people carry Cpn for years while it slowly invades other tissues. This may be different for it's most favored sites, like the lungs, where a case of pneumonia can come on over the course of a week or so. 

In the lab, with ideal nutrients and without the immune system inhibiting it, it evidently churns out new EB's in 24-48 hours. But it's not geared to overwhelm the body, more to hide, lay low and survive and so that's what happens in actual infection, not in the lab.  

CAP for Cpn 11/04. Dx: 25yrs CFS & FMS. Protocol: 200mg Doxy, 500mg MWF Azith, Tini 1000mg/day pulses; Vit D1000 units, Cytotec 100mg, Plaquenil 100mg, Magnascent Iodine 12 drps/day, T4 & T3


I located my notes which I cannot reference to a particular source unfortuantely but here they are for what they are worth.

Chlamydia Pneumoniae three forms; Elementary Body - infective form, spore, Replicatory body - intracellular repliaction form, Cryptic Form - anarobic dormant phase.

Borrelia Burgdorfi; Corkscrew Shape form - initial communicable form?

Uncoiled Filamentous form, L-form, lacking cell wall, intracellular form,  Ameboid Form, Cystic Form - hiding from the immune system and abx by shielding itself incapsulated with the hosts (person's) protien for protection, this is where the Flagyl does it's work for this bacterial form. An a Granular form that some associate with Alzheimers Disease?

This is a random addition but with all the talk about testing for Borrelia there is a test called the CD-57 it is experimental, not covered by insurance at times, and low numbers are indicative of borrelia infection.    Mine is low by about 50% in my 4th month of Abx.  I have since had 4 pulses and herxes with fever.  The cost of the test was about $140 US.  Maybe in 6 months or more I will take it again but for me I will be on CAP for a number of years, I want to be sure to get these uninvited guests!

Mycoplasma Pneumoniae I would like to know more about but it was negative for me and I have not looked into it.

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