Fatigue or hormones?

Submitted by JaneK on Mon, 2018-07-16 09:46

Hi This is a question for all the other women of a certain age! (I don’t think that involves you SG, despite the ongoing pregnancy!)
I don’t think MS fatigue should be a major problem any more, but it is!
Aged 50, i must be menopausal, in fact, the menopause began when I was 41 and sent for chemo infusions, by my neuro. who was trying to shock my immune/nervous system into behaving. And stopped after a few more years!
The fatigue began about 5 years ago, i wonder if it is caused by CPN, or a hormone imbalance.


Improvement, sneaks up quietly!

Submitted by JaneK on Fri, 2018-05-25 08:06

I’ve been a member for a year and two months. I blogged recently that i’d felt great, a week earler, before a set back. I watered our garden, yesterday. It isn’t big, but it’s on three sides of our house, and the hose-reel isn’t convenient, and needs to be hauled around the house. I watered the garden, the vegetable patches, the borders, the greenhouse and the pots, grumbling, to myself, that I was so tired and weak, when I remembered that i couldn’t, and didn’t, do any gardening at all, for three or four years! I have so many vegetables growing this year i could open a shop!


Submitted by JaneK on Thu, 2018-04-26 04:47

Herxing quite badly, but, such good news, really!Thank goodness for this site, otherwise I wouldn’t know that I feel terrible because I take large doses of vitamin D, or that my response to NAC is, probably, die- ofF. I felt wonderful last week, and, now, realise that I could reduce my supplements, increase moppers, and accept this deal means the CAP may take longer, but I can choose! What I  can‘t and won’t do, is cut back, or pause, the ABX. I guess this is what feeling toxic is!oh, and good luck with the upgrade, Mac!Jane

Menopause or perimenopause and hrt.

Submitted by JaneK on Thu, 2018-04-19 07:23

i know lots of people have been here, so they’re in a perfect position to advise Me ...  please?i read, somewhere, that hrt stops adequate absorption of B vitamins or one of the abx, doxi, roxi or metro. I had chemo (for MS, several years ago, which put me into premature menopause, although the menses began again after several years, but I’m 50 now, and it’s happening for real! would anyone advise?  i gave up hrt, but am getting severe fatigue and nausea, so would like to start again. I am extremely gluten intolerant so , probably, have absorption issues and pernicious anaemia.Jane

Double figures

Submitted by JaneK on Thu, 2018-04-05 13:20

At last, i’ve reached double figures, but, pulse 10 is even more difficult than 1-9, which, maybe naively, i’m taking as a good sign. In my ignorance, reacting means the cpn is being wheedled out of more of its hiding places! Even so, i look forward to tomorrow night, and my last Metro tab, this month!Jane

Cytokine raction?

Submitted by JaneK on Sat, 2018-03-17 12:05

when i first contacted David Wheldon i was going mad, i was having cognitive issues, as well as many MS issues, High doses of B12, as  methylcolbamin , taken sublingually, sorted this out and, in doses is expensive, but less so than not taking it!anyway, once again, i’m having cognitive issues, simply put, i can’t work out which hand, or foot to use, i’m only 50 and have no personal or familial mental health issue.  Could this be a cytokine reaction I’m quite bright, usually! But worried! I’vw returned to the handbook and hope ths s a cytokine or die-off response.  I began cap a year ago and finished my ninth pulse 8 days ago.please tell me!jane