27 Apr 2018
lee mcghee

2nd flaygl pulse


Hello everyone. I just finished my second Flaygl puls. I went ahead and did a complete 10 days worth. I took the charcoal 2 hours after each time I took a pill. It helped greatly with the depression and nasua. thanks Jim for the charcoal suggestion! I still get a toxic sluggish feeling during the pulse but I guess I cant feel 100%. Im glad im putting down the Flagyl for 3 weeks. Also I did some reseach on Flagyl. Always take the 3 pulses sepreratly.  Also only take the daily required amount off protien. I took a protien shake one day during my pulse and got really sick.


Hello Lee McG, great to hear from you. Well done, a full 10 day pulse.  Is this the first full length ( and then some I cannot recall)?  I think you have three things going for you health wise, being male, being under 30, and being in the military so you must need to have a strong body.  Always nice to hear how you are doing.   I am seeing you as one of our wonder stories. (I'd like to be one too!)

Best wishes to you and your family,



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Good going Lee. Nice to know you can counter some of the effects. Keep them around in case you get a post pulse hit. Even happened to me recently!

wow, 2nd pulse - 10 days!!!

Keep on top of things with the moppers or you could be slammed by the die off/toxins!




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Good going Lee, and nice to know that you were not floored by your 10 days of flagyllation.   I hope this success is a sign of a quick recovery for you.   We need people who recover quickly to keep the rest of us going and to convince disbelievers about this protocol.

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