27 Apr 2018
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1st Pulse: Sweating & itching!


Hi folks,I'm on my first pulse, 250mg  Metronidazole once a day for 3-5 days, depending on how I tolerate it.  Friday night was the first night and Saturday I was back to sleeping all day again.  I couldn't stay awake more than 15-20 minutes and I was ravenous.  Last night I sweat heavily all night -- and itched like MAD!  I'm still scratching all over.  It's not eczema, my skin looks and feels really good -- it seems to like this new sweat thing I've been experiencing lately.Is this a liver thing?  Anyone have any ideas?  Is it good, bad, nothing ...Thanks for you help!Corinna -----GFA.


Corrina, the itching could be secondary porphyria or even yeast. I have been itching a lot this week on Flagyl. In my case I think other indicators say it's yeast and time to take some corrective measures.Like refill my Diflucan presciption, take some Olive Leaf extract..you know. So do the anti porphyria measures and look out for yeast. Do you have a script for Diflucan?


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Corinne, to be blunt about it - which we are becoming known for - does your sweat smell odd? I was so foggy at the beginning that, though an odd odor was present, I didn't connect it with flagyl, but now I think flagyl caused it. I am not certain still whether it was the flagyl itself or "toxins" being pushed out, but I still get it at a lover, still sweaty, level, when on flatyl.

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Hi Corinna,

Itching was definitely one of my symptoms too, and it's listed on the reactions and remedies page:


It really could be die-off and secondary porphyria, but I think Raven's advice about yeast/fungal infections is wise though, particularly with your recent mouth/throat troubles...


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Raven, I have an Rx for Nilstat. I'm to open 3 capsules (1.5 million units) into my mouth, hold, swish, gargle and swallow. It's every sort of awful.

Is Nilstat a good alt to Diflucan?

Rica, if I could describe it I would say it smells like raw dough -- or yeast. I'm feeling a bit thick about now...

Red, thanks for the link and reminder. I've just also read a refresher on the Metro again and it specifically indicates an increase in yeast symptoms if any yeast condition exists.

Thanks for the help folks. It makes perfect sense. It's been a bit of a challenge with this yeast condition, especially considering I am sucking on pure sugar all day and eating primarily carbs.

I will ask for Diflucan if that's better than Nilstat, please let me know.

Thanks again.

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Corrina -

For my husband, smelling like dough was a sign of yeast overgrowth. 

Diflucan is probably the best of the antifungals and requires a Rx - just my personal opinion.

Over the counter stuff works to - although slower.  I personally recommend taking both Diflucan and over the counter yeast beast remedies.

One thing, if I remember your posts correctly - you have been eating a good deal more refined carbs than you are used to in the hopes of heading off porphyria.  Eating refined carbs creates a perfect environment for yeast to run amok. 

I had to stop all refined carbs for my husband to address what was becoming a true yeast problem.

Cholestyramine is both good for absorbing porphyrins and for absorbing yeast toxins.

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Thanks Daisy. I have really improved with the Cholestyramine, so from what you say I will adjust my diet in order to kick this.  I am already back on my morning shake with caprylic acid, etc, and I am taking the VSL#3 probiotics but it is the sugars that are sabotaging me.

What other SP measures did you provide during this time, and for how long did you hold back on the refined carbs?

The doctor prescribed the Nilstat because my mouth is so bad. I have since recognized that I have a yeast infection 'elsewhere' as well -- it should have occured to me that my problem was systemic but I've been distracted.

Thanks for you help, I really appreciate your guidance! 

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Corinna -

I put my husband on a modified version of Adkins diet.  He is mostly lean meat with steamed and/or raw veggies, occassional small serving of fresh low glycemic fruit.  No vinegars or pickled things.  It's mostly how he used to eat pre-porphyria.  

No refined carbs of anykind.  Curiously, even though he has been on this diet for around 3 weeks, I have seen no worsening of porphyria.

Regarding other yeast measures, in addition to Diflucan and the diet, he is on 2 Candex 1 hour before breakfast and 2 Candex at bedtime. 

He is also getting a NOW brand product that is for Candida that is a multiherb cocktail, 2 with breakfast and 2 with dinner.

He is taking GSE too.

When he stops the Diflucan I will jumbo load him with s. boulardi.

By the way - for your oral thrush, you can break open a capsule of VSL or s. boulardi and swish in your mouth several times per day to get at the thrush. 

While I am not a fan of swallowing Colloidal Silver - when you have thrush, I have found you can swish it around in your mouth and then spit out with good success. 

 I did that for a long time with my husband to head off yeast trouble and then when fighting the porphyria got too lax in my anti-yeast measures.  I must be a one trick pony :)

Hope you beat the yeast beast back soon !


Daisy - Husband on CAP 5/07.  Husband died from Acute Myelogenous Leukemia Secondary to the Infusion of Novantrone.  Ie - the treatment with the conventional MS drugs killed him. Daisy on her own CAP 11/2012. 

Thanks so much Daisy!

Tim's going to do a quick shop for us this afternoon and pick up some chicken and fresh veggies. I incorporate blueberries into the morning shake so that will be my fruit. My doctor had suggested colloidal silver years ago for my sinus troubles, but my husband is dead against it so I never pursued it. I know it has antibacterial properties though.

I am encouraged that your husband did not experience an increase in SP symptoms. I have finally managed to control them so had some concern about losing that battle. I will ask my doctor to increase my Cholestyramine; presently my Rx is for one packet a day and I do not want to run out of this amazing stuff. I cannot take charcoal, I was getting skin side-effects from it (and I wan't miss expelling those black marbles!)

Thanks again!

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Hi Corinna: Congrats, on your very first pulse! I, too, would wager to say the itching is a symptom of secondary porphyria. Have had a really bad case of it, and bilateral neuropathy, ever since chepalosporins. Everytime I lie down to sleep, or nap, I get itching in the same spots of my face, jaw, neck, and arm. What seems to be helping me with it, is light, circular, lymphatic massage at each spot. Done, according to THESE instructions. Don't know if it's even recommended...but since it seems to help, thought I should mention it. I can't do charcoal, either...black marbles were bad enough. But, horizontal pancakes were the absolute worst. Image removed.


Am glad that the cholestyramine is helping! I couldn't even tolerate Welchol. Can't help but encourage you to keep going. You're doing so much better than you could beImage removed.






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Hi Minai, Thank you so much for the link! I am a huge proponent of massage and anything that encourages lymph circulation. My husband 'works' on my lower legs and feet most nights before bed otherwise my calves and arches seize up and keep us both awake all night.

One of the areas where the 'itch' is consistently active is my face, around my nose. It tingles and feels crawly, and generally drives me nuts. It's interesting that you think of lymph, because my face has a lot of blockage and glands there regularly inflame and become deeply red and hot. I've even had saliva stones, which were horrible.

I am scratching all over and getting bruised from it especially on my lower legs, this morning I was going to take some of my wonderful anti-itch pills (hydroxyzine) but they are contraindicated with some of the other meds I'm now taking, so I'm out of luck. Ice packs help when an area is particularly agitating. A plus (?) is that I'm sweating so much that all the scratching is not breaking my skin. I am regressing into my childhood eczema symptoms though -- the skin where my ear lobe attaches is splitting on one ear and the other ear canal and middle ear is weeping and crusting. I have not had these things since I was 5 years old.

I will read the link you provided and print it out for Tim. Thank you again, I appreciate it very much.

Best regards,

Corinna | GFA. Wheldon Protocol: 4–8/08. Can't kill the yeast.

Corinna, the first couple of months I was on CAP with metronidazole, I had to change my bedsheets every night, or else itch all night. Plus I smelled bad.

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Janice, this is encouraging.  I gather that it stops then.  I hope so.  My pillow was soaked this morning from my head sweating.

Corinna | GFA. Wheldon Protocol: 4–8/08. Can't kill the yeast.

Corinna - Raven posted this study a couple of weeks ago - I just re-read it tonight.  Thought you might also find it interesting!


Daisy - Husband on CAP 5/07.  Husband died from Acute Myelogenous Leukemia Secondary to the Infusion of Novantrone.  Ie - the treatment with the conventional MS drugs killed him. Daisy on her own CAP 11/2012. 

Wow, Daisy, thanks for posting that here.  This is very interesting indeed!

I've got some magnascent iodine -- I'll experiment with it tomorrow.  I'll get my husband to look into this deeper for me too.  I'm befuddled by everything right now and worry that I will end up doing something wrong. He's in charge of meds for the time being -- my mind just can't hold on to the simplest things. It's frustrating.

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