27 Apr 2018

1 month update / asthma


Hi everyone,Well it’s been a rough month but one of hope. Started at the hospital with bad asthma again, onto this website for education and now on CAP. Working with a local Dr. I had started Dr. Wagshul’s method to treat C. pneumoniae/asthma, but later calibrated to Dr. Weldon’s plan after I read this site. I don’t feel like the abx is doing anything yet and I know only 1 month is ridiculous to think any thing would chagne but I secretly wished in the back of my mind I would miraculously feel at least a little better. Maybe we all do....


I agree you need to stick with the 600 mg of NAC. Don't stop completely, just take a step back. When you are ready to try to increase then take 600 more mg, but take it right before you go to bed. That way the die off will occur while you sleep. While you sleep your body is detoxifying anyway.  First thing upon waking drink 16 oz of water to assist this process.  You might still feel bad in the morning, but hopefully the worst of it will be passed. If the die off is still intolerable see if you can increase by 300mg but at least stick with the 600mg. I have MS but it has attacked the nerves to my lungs so I struggle with breathing. I feel like I'm drowning in the shower. Just because you ONLY have asthma doesn't mean you don't belong here. This site is a lifeline to end or at least minimize our suffering no matter what form it takes. Don't give up and stick with it for two years and go intermittent after that if you are not experiencing die off.  I have read many people with asthma who quit to abruptly or too early only to rebound back to the pit. My best to you!Julie

MS: First sx '93 dx '09 no obvious relapses just steady decline since '07. Crippling fatigue, too weak to sit up for extended periods of time. Cane/walkers/electric chair inside, helicopter outside. Started protocol 11/16/13.  1200mg N