Submitted by panc on Thu, 2017-04-27 17:53

11th and 12th pulse gave me some really bad headaches, maybe because I acted really stupid and did not use any mopers.13th pulse, I felt only the usual flagyl "anoyances" that reminds you that you are on flagyl, like metalic mouth taste, very slight nausea etcThe intresting part is that the last month(right now I'm on 14th pulse second day) has been the greatest month I had the last 3 years, no major bad days at all(I used to have good and bad days before I start CAP as well as on CAP between pulses) I also had some more noticable improvements in what I call "heart area pressure,burning, tearing, minor pains and anoyances" I don't know if the zinc I added the last 40-45 days played any role, in one moth I will discontinue zinc anyway and see.   Also its quite some time now that azithromycin and doxycycline don't give me any reactions, I remember a bad feeling/reaction even when I switched from 2X100mg doxycycline per day to 1X200mg per day.I need to write another blog about the total improvemt so far, there is one thing that I find totally weird.