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Hi everybody;

I know it’s been long time since my last update but I didn’t want to update till I have any phsical improvement where as I had so many changes in activities that I had in my spinal cord. Fortunetly the activity gets smaller in size. I would say it is a cylindiric shape and the diameter gets smaller by time. It’s hard to explain but definitely something feels like my nerves are being repaired but there is no phsical improvement which I hope will be coming soon because my disability score was 9 which is about the same now. I am and will be taking continous Cap. I hope I will give you good news soon.

Wish you all the best… 

Yilfer Guner

I wish you good luck with treatment and I hope you will see big improvment very soon. It must be a good sign that the activity gets smaller, really hope so.

Best Wishes from Maria

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Yilfer, nice to hear from you.   It is difficult to get a bigger disability score than 9, but I'm heartened by the fact that you are still active and your MS has not got worse than it was.   I'm pleased to hear that the inflammation in your spine is reducing.   Are you able to get physiotherapy, it would appear that this is helpful, especially if your condition is stable...

Keep us posted, we do miss you.

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Guner, it is great to hear from you. I think of you every day and realize each time that you, Sarah, maybe Ella, and I would no doubt be gone from the scene or very close to it. Instead, here we are, still fighting the good fight, and keeping the good cheer that has brought us through these years and all these wonderful people who have joined us. Please post occasionaly. And always remember that we have a room and food for you and your family if you ever come.

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Guner, I have read many past posts and have read your comments, welcome back, hope to hear more from you.  Louise

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We are glad to hear from you, and continue to wish you the best life can offer you.

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Thanks to you all for your messages. It's so nice to see new comers. I wish them all the best with their treatments.

Take care :)

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Thanks to you all for your good wishes. It's nice to see the new comers. I wish them the best with their treatment. I missed you all too. I will post more often.

Take care... :)

On CAP's protocol for Cpn in PPMS since June 2004 - Currently: Doxy 100mgx2/day - Roxy 150mgx2/day - Flagyl 500mgx3/day (Continuous protocol since sept.2006)