Year in update

Submitted by Malcolm on Thu, 2008-08-21 11:12

Just a quick update. I am half way through a 2 week break from abx. Prior to this I took 600mg of Rifampicin daily for a little over 2 weeks and in that time a 5 day Flagyl pulse. I had no reaction to these abx, so as I am on holiday I decided this was a good time to start intermittent. Nothing to report so far, feel fine.

One excellent piece of news. Since my dx with MS I have been unable to save saunas as they would leave me nauseous, dizzy and unable to walk (I would need to remain still for 20-30 minutes to recover). So reluctantly I gave up having saunas, but a couple of days ago, while at a spa, I thought I would try a sauna again, to see how I faired. I was amazed as I stayed in a very hot sauna for about 20 minutes and when I left I felt great, no symptoms at all. I think this is great news as heat is a big problem for MS sufferers and I love saunas!


Malcolm, great improvement!

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Fantastic Malcolm!!! You can now do saunas more often.Maybe even get your own at home. It's a great way to keep all infections on the run!


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Your post inspires me to keep on.


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Great to hear your report as you go on intermittent. Keep it hot!


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Malcolm, you lucky dog, you seemed to have kicked this MS into touch.   I'm so pleased for you, not just for the saunas but also for the rest of your life.

I hope your doctor is pleased too and maybe used the protocol for other MS sufferers.   There are 4 doctors in that surgery and if they share their information it might spread the word a bit further.  

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Michele, the saunas were great news for me because it does suggest I have kicked the brain fog/fatigue into touch. I still have my walking issues, but I think they are improved (I am surfing in Cornwall this week). It is slightly nerve wracking (no pun intended) not taking abx and it will be informative to see if I have any reaction when I resume next week. I am keen to see what I can do to repair me myelin damage, diet seems to be a promising line of enquiry. Any thoughts?

On the subject of doctors, Dr Pallit does as I ask, but he puts my improvement down to the relapsing/remitting nature of MS. I have to be very assertive with him, if I showed any doubt I think he would be less helpful. 


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I think that the exercise you are doing will go a long way towards repairing the myelin.   Dr P might change his mind when you see him a few years down the line without progression.   Good luck with the intermittent protocol.... Keep us posted.

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Congratulations, Malcolm. Now it is the right time to add your story to the Patients Stories. Best of luck. B.

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Malcolm, you are to be applauded for making fast strides - you attacked this early after diagnosis - congratulations. Please keep careful track of your intermittent protocol.

Now to business: you may or may not be aware that last week my doctor asked me (read "us" on this site) to gather extensive information about MS people here - and get it to him to show to some infectious disease people he knows.

Two years ago I did a simple survey of the 10 or us who were here then. He was very interested then and is more so now, because I have continued to progress through some major events that SHOULD, in his opinion, have been huge setbacks, and simply weren't. So, after all this rhetoric, I ask you - will you participate? The call may come soon or late, but come it will, unless another unforeseen disaster strikes.

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Rica, I had a moment of 'hmmm, MS persons', then realized I was one. Three years ago, it was my focus. Now, it's almost an anecdote (in only the best way, Sarah). Very cool. Good to see it's soon to be in Malcolm's past, too.

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Of course Rica, if I can help I will happily do so.


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