27 Apr 2018
lee mcghee

wow! INH is both a antidepressant and a antibiotic. please read article


In 1951, two physicians from Sea View Hospital on Staten Island, Irving Selikoff and Edward Robitzek, began clinical trials on two new anti-tuberculosis agents from Hoffman-LaRoche, isoniazid and iproniazid. Only patients with a poor prognosis were initially treated; nevertheless, their condition improved dramatically. Selikoff and Robitzek noted "a subtle general stimulation . . .


I was thinking about going back on Lexapro. does anyone know if it is ok to take this antidepressants with the Wheldon regiment.

Fibro, CFS,  Myco, CPN, Stratton protocol, Zithro 500mg M/W/F/S, Doxy 100mg 2x day, NAC 1200mg 2x day, Flagyl and INH 2 week pulses 400 mg 3x day, Rifampin, 300mg 2x day,  Still cant shake it but improving.

A neutraceutical approach (supplement) that might be considered as apposed to the big gun pharmaceutical antidepressants which worked well for me in giving me an uplift is Sam-e. Go to wholehealth.com and read the consumer information that they include. If you take it be sure to also take a B-50 cap daily with it. wholehealth.com even sends free B-50 with each order take one daily.
I started at 200mg/day and am now up to 600 - 800 mg per day.
I also take other neutraceuticals. Read my last few blogs for the specifics. I too have CFS. I have worked with lots of people on antidepressants. Some need to go there but most of them fail over time and they are always jumping from one to another and they are not without side effects. Impotence acompanies some of them. You really need a provider to manage them, in themselves they can really make you sick in other way. Just some thoughts to consider and some more easily attainable options to consider.

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Hey Lee,

 you taking any magnesium? how about some b-12 shots? those are two that help my excitotoxcity and possibly mood. not a magic bullet, but some slight improvements in the brain chemical GABA from magnesium.


The B-12 soaks up or offsets that flagyl funk a bit for me, but that may not be possible in your navy situation. b-12 nasal spray maybe instead of the shots?







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