27 Apr 2018

Wow! Coxiella burnetii?! Yet, another pathogen that I had never heard of!


And, treated with Doxycycline, too!Spent my morning on the phone, as a volunteer for a military teleconference, to review this website. That's how I found this: http://deploymenthealthlibrary.fhp.osd.mil/products/Q%20Fever%20for%20Servicemembers%20and%20their%20Families%20(247).pdfObviously, this is now a concern, or it wouldn't be on this DOD website. Am going to have to search that site to see what else may be found on it.


Re coxiella, there's even more. I skimmed your ref and I think the chronic form mentioned refers to the endocarditis, which IIRC is a well-demostrable persistant infection. There exists a second chronic disease that can follow Q fever rather commonly, and which is essentially CFS... often termed QFS. While the pathogenesis is not clear, investigation of persistant coxiellal infection and chronic abx treatment has been pretty suggestive. I wrote alot more about it at yahoo infectionandinflammation2, which now has a great search engine. The whole business strikingly recapitulates lyme disease, except that the discourse about it has been much more subdued.

Thanks for your response, Eric!

Yes, that chronic form mentioned, and it's mortality rates, are horrifying! No wonder the DOD (Dept. of Defense) is warning soldiers and families about it! And, I just hope we're not in for epidemics of it, as more and more soldiers are exposed to it, either. My husband has been to many such places, where he could have been. But hopefully the doxycylcline, he had been taking for preventive measures against such diseases, have worked. I really hope that QFS does not become as prevalent as Lyme. Will take a look at your references, thanks for these!