27 Apr 2018

Why no amoxicillin in the Weldon protocol


I took the Weldon protocol to my doctor as she is unfamiliar with CAP and it was the simplest one to propose.Now I am on Doxycycline and Azithromycin which I understand kills the RB.  I hope to pulse with Flagyl in a month to kill the Cryptic Form.What in the Weldon protocol attacks the EB?  Should I be taking NAC on my own for that?


You should certainly be taking NAC because it attacks the EB's. I may be wrong but I believe that NAC was substituted for amoxicillin when David Wheldon refined the CAP."N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) 600mg - 1,200mg twice a day, should be taken continuously. This is a commonly-taken dietary supplement, available at health-food stores. It is an acetylated sulphur-containing amino-acid, and may be expected to cause chlamydial EBs to open prematurely, exposing them to starvation; more on this and other benefits on page 4. This should be started at the lower dose of 600mg twice a day; the dose should be doubled when well-tolerated. NAC offers liver protection; this may be useful, as rapid bacterial die-off may compromise hepatic function."From David Wheldon's site