Why enema makes me sick???

(apologize for slightly graphic potty talk ahead)

Something I've experienced that I wanted to ask about. About a year ago I was experimenting with giving myself an enema before bed to try to evacuate my colon. I know that my movements have been toxic, sometimes more sometimes less and sometimes much much more.

Sometimes I will feel MUCH much better after having a movement. There is no doubt that something in the stool is making me feel sick.

The enema about a year ago I did was saline water and did about a pint or two. Not too long after I felt very sick to my stomach.It wasn't until the liquid was completely passed a few moments later that I started to feel better.

This morning I was a little constipated and used a glycerine shot (It's about an ounce of glycerine with a type of injector tip). Not too long after I was feeling that very sick to my stomach feeling. While passing I felt much worse. Thought I could throw up and generally felt extremely ill. Wasn't till everything was passed that I started feeling better.

What is going on? I have been on Amox recently for an ear infection, have been off for just over 24 hours.

I assume the stool is toxic to some extent (not sure what the toxin is). I believe the toxin on the outer edge of the stool has been somewhat absorbed back when it's at that point. I think the enema or glycerine has loosened up the stool and releasing a large amount of toxin stored inside the stool back into the colon/rectum making me feel very sick.

My questions:

1. How to detoxify the stool? Binders, cholestramine, etc.???

2. Is a stool test in order or would they even detect the particular toxin?




I don't believe stool tests detect toxins but rather yeast/parasites and bacterial levels (I just had one done). Again, though, may depend on the test selected.

Why don't  you just do a vit c flush once a month or even week (as recommended in our Reactions and Remedies page)... works as good as Go-Lyte (used for colonoscopy prep), but is actually healthy as it puts high dose vit c back into your body. Bulk and fiber (psyllium, flax seeds, etc.) also go a long way in helping keep the bowel less toxic.

A good product is:  Detoxifiber by Garden of Life.

Technically, your not detoxifying the "stool" but rather your body.... Normally, feces are made up of 75 percent water and 25 percent  solid matter. About 30 percent of the solid matter consists of dead bacteria; ... bowel movements are  how it gets out of you.....  fiber/bulk is what helps pull it out.  I doubt very much if you are reabsorbing the toxins from the outer edge of your stool......but hey, I'm not a doctor, ;)


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