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Submitted by MunchMan on Fri, 2012-12-28 13:14

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to check in. I see there are more and more people coming to the site, trying the protocol, getting results / not getting results, questions, answers. It's good to see this site here and I'm still absolutely grateful for it.

I wanted to let the newbies know, don't give up with this type of treatment. It has been almost 3 years to be where I'm at today including the health, the knowledge, and the know-how of navigating MS as a BACTERIAL disease.

Keep your head up people, this is real. There are some extremely smart and experienced people in this room willing to help. I myself am not able to come here as much as I want due to working, family, and volunteering.

May the best be with you especially when the future appears to be dark.




After three years what improvements have you made? I have been on for almost 3 months and am always curious to see what happens...I have already not had my slight tremors......no more slight pain in arm and my walking is better, which is do much concern and I really am wanting to improve even more.....many thanks....happy new year!