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Submitted by hdwhit on Mon, 2010-02-01 11:53

I last completed a maintenance pulse in November 2009. 

I had my annual visit with the neurologist at the medical school in Houston in January 2010.  EDSS now "about a 2" versus the "about 2.5" it was in January 2009.  As he considered my progression (or lack thereof), he asked whether I was taking antibiotics.  I told him none since November 2009 which left him scratching his head since he can't account for my "atypical progression".  (For the record, I previously discussed antibiotics with him and he dismissed it since he is of the belief that M.S. is caused by a virus).

I recently diagnosed and repaired an intermittent short circuit in my father's Jeep that was causing his battery to run down.  While this sounds trivial, a year ago even the thought of trying to tackle such a job would have had my head swimming in a soup of cognitive fog.  Today, I am back to thinking like an engineer (my first degree is in Agricultural Engineering).  

But the improvement has not come without cost.  As the fog has decreased (it's not totally gone), the jocular, even giddy demeanor my wife and family came to enjoy (and which turned my off-beat blog posts into candidates for the Bulwer-Lytton contest) has also dissipated.  With the dissipation of the personality changes brought on by the M.S., I have turned back into the impassive person my wife once considered divorcing.  Whether my marriage will survive my getting better remains to be seen.  In this respect, I have to say that I liked myself better when I was "intoxicated" with CPn lipopolysaccharides.

Bottom line is that while I can't bring myself to say (as did someone else) that "I used to have M.S.", I feel confident in saying, "I have M.S. but its in remission."






HD, Since you have done so well self treating the physical side of CPn I wonder if any of the adjuncts that I have added might help you as much as they have helped me.  You can see some of them in my signature (not much detail that I can post there so there is more and I am doing well on all levels and if you'd like to chat please pmessage me.   Nice to hear that you are doing well in many respects on intermittent,  intermittent is serving me well also.  We did start this protocol just about the same time, I went intermittent last Feb 09.   Louise   
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HD, The comments on personality change are very interesting. My recent thoughts suggest that substances that produce disassociative reactions do so in a similar way to Cpn. Cpn use much of the available cellular energy in infected cells. I think most disassociative drugs induce efflux pumping action by either Cpn or human cells (or both). This uses up much of the cells available energy. In any event you may end up with some permanent personality changes. Maybe you should take up drinking to get back to your old self occasionally ;) - Paul

HD, I remember Sarah (or more likely it was David, now that I reflect on it...) talking about that blithe giddy thing. It's really the way cpn fools us into thinking we're okay, or even improving, as we slide downhill into oblivion. That way we don't fight the disease and just allow it to ravage us until we have nothing left to feed it. Of course, by that time, we're curled up in the proverbial ball in some nursing home.

I think, once you overcome the cpn, you're probably going to see yet another personality emerge and it will be a more vital, engaged one.  Once you've evicted the cpn, your bride might be thrilled to death with who you are.

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yeah HD!!!!

I must say to your comments about the brain that I don't know who I am supposed to be, lol  I have had the CPn since I was about 19 or thereabout.

I empathize about that whole marriage thing as I too am going through some rough times in that regard.  I pray you both are able to reflect on your vows & do whatever you can to keep things on track.  May I suggest the movie Fireproof & the Love Dare book.


sooo happy you are in remission!



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Sorry for the long delay in getting back to you but my life began (and career) resumed again after the CPN died. 

Some years ago, my wife (then my fiancee) and I saw a cartoon from the 1950's (early-1960's) extoling the virtues of outdoor life.  In one scene, a man take his wife hunting.  He gives her a tan coat that has a hood with something that looks like antlers on it and a white "tail" at the hem in the back.  He sends her off into the deer woods with predictable results. 

Ever since we saw this, my wife and I have said we didn't believe in divorce, we believed in unfortunate hunting accidents.

And there's no worry about that right now since neither of us have bought hunting licenses this year. 

Besides, I don't think even the loopiest of game wardens would let my wife check in my lifeless carcass with a deer tag stapled to my ear.

Thank you for suggesting Fireproof.  I do appreciate your concern on our behalf.  My wife and I long ago discovered many of the Love Date principles though our own study of the bible as well as by simple trial and error.  Despite temptation, I stayed through the decade-long personality shifts caused by my wife's diseased ovary and she's committed to staying with me through the shifts that come as a result of the CPN.  We both decided long ago that our odds of getting to heaven were better if we were together than if we were separate, so we're in this together for the long haul.  




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HD, does your neuro thing you have beaten this illness as well? How is it possible to know that you have cured an illness that is in it's nature relapsing/remitting? It seems to me impossible.


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