***Volunteers Needed*** Possible Study of Bacterial induced CCSVI in Dallas / Fort Worth

Submitted by MunchMan on Tue, 2011-08-30 18:01

I have previously posted my experience regarding a recent presentation from a prominent LLMD in the DFW area. He stated that they are trying to conduct a study regarding the possible CCSVI induced MS (and others ) caused by bacteria and how to treat it.

I spoke with the Dr.'s office in the last hour to make sure it was okay to post this. They said yes but please be aware that the study needs to be approved by the IRB so they are in the screening only process at this time. The Dr's are looking to make this a major study. The Doppler screening is currently 1/2 price for the next 3 slots available only this week. Next week and on, the test will be full price.

If you are in the DFW area (or willing to travel to DFW) and are interested in the screening process, email me. I can give you the contact information to the Dr.'s office.

If you have any financial questions or the scope of the study, please direct them to the Dr.'s office.