Vitamin D May Slow MS - from WebMD

Interesting .... like most things the article states all the good Vitamin D does and then questions whether people with MS should take Vitamin D or not.

It was one of the first Vitamins the Naturopath had on her list.  And a lot of other professionals have suggested it as well. 

Fortunately most of us are already well versed in reviewing the information and deciding for ourselves if a supplement has merit.  I have been taking it since 2009.

What are your thoughts on this lleach?

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PPMS  - May 2009, working with Naturopath since 2009, taking listed supplement_s, plus LDN 4.5 and L-Arginine Plus.
[had CCSVI in 2011 - helped a little]
Doxy 200 mg, Azithromycin 250 M - W - F and NAC 600 mg.
Tinidazole #4 - 1000 mg JAN 15 thru 20 2014

how much vit D can you take without being kidney damaged?  I sometimes take 100k a week on 2 days.  I was thinking of going with 100k a week for a while