Vitamin D discussion interview by Dr. John Cannell, 11.12.09 , mp3 download available

mp3 audio download of 57 minute interview, discussion by Dr. John Cannell.

Some Say the Sun Has It All... 


Well the link above, now brings one to the sign up page.  The host of this website is very pro-MP protocol, the best way to listen to the interview with John Cannell is to search the site archive for the date of this program which is 11.12.09 it is a 57minute program and the content is very pro-vitD research, he in no way argues against the MP just says that it is a free country and if you don't want to take you then you don't have to. 

If I had realized what was behind this interview and the focus of the host as user of the MP I would never have posted about this, HOWEVER, the talk that Cannell gives is worth listening to.     It can also be found through the Vitamin D Council's website there is a link.  Here it is;… 

You may need to cut and paste it into your browser as I am in Firefox just now

Oh well....

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