Vitamin D and fat intake

I keep thinking I already asked this but couldn't find it in a Search so hopefully I'm just imagining I already asked. :)

Since getting D levels up seems to be difficult for a lot of people I'd imagine it's important to make sure you do everything right when taking your D supplements, such as not taking it at the same time as things that inhibit absorption, and taking it with a meal that contains adequate fat.

So the question is, does anyone how much fat you need to absorb each 1,000iu of D? I always make sure I take some fat with my D supplements, even if it means just eating a teaspoon of peanut butter. But I really have no idea if I take enough. I'm guessing it's probably also best to spread your doses out throughout the day, taking a little with each meal, because there is likely not enough fat in one meal (unless you eat burgers and onion rings! But I'd imagine most people here try to eat a healthy, low-inflammatory diet, which would mean low fat) to absorb an entire 10,000iu dose at once, for example. But I really have no idea. Any info on this somewhere? 


Hi Sunnivara,

I'm certainly no expert, but I doubt it makes much of a difference how you take your Vit D3.   What is likely far more important is how much Vit D3 you take vs how fast your body is utilizing it.   Here's some info from Dr Cannell on the VitaminDCouncil site in response to a question on the best form of Vit D3 to use:

"Water-soluble dry vitamin D absorbs just fine unless you have bowel disease with steatorrea (fat malabsorption) and then no oral products work very well. I am unaware of any controlled head-to-head absorption studies on the effectiveness of water versus fat-soluble vitamin D. If anyone knows of such a study, let me know. If you are concerned about absorption, take the vitamin D with a meal, although I am unaware this improves absorption"


I generally take my Vit D3 all at once at breakfast, sometimes with a couple of eggs, a bagel and orange juice and sometimes with just orange juice.   While I did not test my 25(OH)D levels prior to supplementing, I'm guessing it was probably pretty low since I avoided sunlight like the plague for years due to the fact that it used to set my rosacea flaring, and prior to my troubles with rosacea, I avoided getting much sun, thinking like so many others that the sun was bad in terms of skin cancer.      My 25(OH)D levels recently tested at 101ng/mL so I presume this manner of supplementation has worked just fine for me...

Hang in there...

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