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i used to take 1,500 ui of vitamin di every day, only stopping when hypotension became a major issue, but, after learning that JaccK had major die-off issues, from taking vit d, I tried it again, thinking it might be worthwhile, and yes, the 'hangover' is terrible, but knowing that some of those pathogens are in their death throes, and that they would make living a joke, given the chance, makes it worthwhile ... if tough!

I should mention that, during the time I took large doses of vit d, my neuroi declared my MSi had plateaued! 


Hi Jane,

vitamin Di seems to be important for preventing/treating MS<

check also the discussion. Someone is treating MS with 140 000 IU a day, so your dose of 1500 is quite small. The body can make 20 000 IU in one day by sunbathing so that is certainly a safe dose, if we believe in the wisdom of the body.

There is certainly some important link between vitamin D levels, the state of the immunei system and the chronic infectionsi such as chlamydia.

Hi JaccK,

i missed a zero! I actually took 15000! And am suffering die off, just as you said! But, if it kills some spores, that's a good thing ... isn't it? I have used RSO, to control paresthesia, rather than the epilepsy drug prescribed, similar effect, I believe! But not legal here, sadly. I'm sure you're right about vit d and about the immunei system!


But, if it kills some spores, that's a good thing ... isn't it?

Certainly. It first has to get worse before it can be better.

I have used RSO, to control paresthesia, rather than the epilepsy drug prescribed, similar effect, I believe!

Yes, I have a similar experience. Here, it is illegal too, but it can be prescribed medicinally to treat MSi or cancer patients. My friends mother was dying from cancer, so I helped him to make the RSO. THC and CBD (contained in RSO) work by inducing apoptosis (cell deathi) in the infected cell. I had a very strong die off after consuming it. It feels similar to the vit D die off.

One other thing after which I experienced quite strong die off has been grapefruit seed extract (GSE)

of all the possibilites, vit D seems to be the best. It is legal, it is free, it has countless benefits on immunity - it improves autoimmunityi, it actives the immunei system to fight the intracellulari bugs etc. And when looking back at the course of my ilness (Ive had it for 2 years), it got significantly better after my 3week vacation in Indonesia where there was plenty of sun.

but it might not be the solution for all of us. I do not want to overhype it, but I am certainly going to try to cure myself by vit D now. I will try to get it from the sun - sunbathing twice a week.

You're, obviously,well informed and, I believe, it's that natural curiosity that holds the key, no matter the condition! Good luck and please let us know how you get on, I think your attitude  will help your story to be a successful one!

I want to add that there are two forms of vitamin Di available as supplementsi - D2 and D3 - and that it might make a difference. Read here<

best just try both and see for yourself which one makes a difference if any

Jacck, Vtamin D3 is one of the cheaper vitaminsi, so I would think it better to take that rather than the even cheaper D2 and trust that it will be stored until you need it: it might not be true!...............................Sarah

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Hi Sarah,

the difference is that vit D2 is of plant origin and is easier to produce than D3 which is of animal origin and is produced of sheep wool. The general concesus is that D3 is better because it is closer to the human produced vitamin. But as the link above shows, it might be worth trying both. I am not taking supplementsi. I will try to replenish the vitamin from the sun. It has been two weeks since I started and I it is having quite a strong effect - my throat and nose began scratching, I started producing green mucus and have symptoms of porphyriai (dizzines, worsened brain fog etc). I am not taking any antibioticsi. I think that the antibiotics treat the symptom (the infection), while the vitamin Di adresses the cause (dysfunctional immunei system). The vitamin d seems much more important than previously thought, it regulates< many genes. 

In case of MS, the situation might be different. Maybe the people with MS have some genetic defect in VDR< (vitamin d receptor) which leads to the infection and development of MS. Maybe that is why much higher doses of vit d are needed (as suggested by the Brazilian doctor whose name I forgot)

Most authorities indeed favour vitamin D3 over D2.


The Vitamin D Council says: “[We] recommend taking vitamin D3 rather than vitamin D2. Vitamin D3 is the type of vitamin D your body produces in response to sun exposure, while vitamin D2 is not.”


Medscape has a helpful page on the merits of D2 and D3. Link<


Vitamin D3 is synthesized from 7-dehydrocholesterol obtained from sheep wool and is thus an animal product. Vitamin D2 is obtained from ergosterol derived from a mould, ergot. You might consider D2 if you have objections to ingesting animal material.

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