27 Apr 2018

Vitamin D3, Magnesium & Zinc


Hi all,Hope all is well...After reading one of Dr Cannell's newsletters on the Vitamin D Council site about the importance of Magnesium and Zinc for proper Vitamin D function:


HI Red~   Thanks for your posts.

 I had a very interesting Magnesium experience yesterday.   I had been supplementing between 400 mg and 500 mg of magnesium daily (depending on symptoms).

Yesterday I was out of town seeing the doctor.  I woke up in my hotel room at 5:30 and noticed some foot cramping.  In the past I have associated these and leg cramps and other symptoms to magneisium deficiency.  Normally, I take 100 mg magnesium firt thing in the morning, if I notice a problem, then space the other magnesium out over the day.

This time, I took some Airborne (for I felt like I was battling a cold).  (Airborne has 40 mg of Magnesium).   And I decided to take 200 mg of Magnesium instead of my usual 100.   The reason being, the last time I saw this doctor, I ended up in tachycardia (not a good experience)...for it took his time to deal with it.  I have noticed tachycardia onsets when I have foot cramps or leg cramps or esophageal spasms preceding.....SO to try to ward off another bout of tachycardia in front of this doctor, I took 200 mg of Magnesium instead of 100.   

This was a big mistake, on an empty stomach.   I ended up a half hour later feeling like a total rag doll.  I had had this effect when I first started taking the magnesium, but not since July.  So, that was surprising.  I think the Mg got absorbed quickly.  Then I ended up with a pounding heart and feeling just awful in addition to the severe rag doll problem. 

I did manage to make it to the doctor's office (feeling just awful), where upon check in (which was about 5 hours after taking the Mg) my pulse was 90 and my blood pressure 138/88 (which is quite high for me).   They commented on my pulse.  I was thinking "you don't know the half of it".  

Later when I saw the doctor, he was amazed by what had happened to me.  When I started to feel more normal (this was several hours later) he wanted to take my pulse an BP again.   This time it was much more normal, and I thought it would be for I was feeling better.

I will never, ever take 200 mg of Mg again on an empty stomach.   I hesitated to take 100 mg on a full stomach today, after what happened to me yesterday.  (I waited until after my flight and I was home to take it!)

Best to all,


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Thanks a lot Red for posting about this.

I will start taking more Magnesium and Zinc.

Glad you are feeling even better!

Best Wishes from Maria

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Thanks for posting this Red.  I have been taking magnesium supplements for the past 35 years and have never had any episodes of weakness related to it's ingestion.   I have taken as much as 800mg+ in the past in split doses. 

I started taking it years ago on the advice of my gynecologist for leg and foot cramps which started with pregnancy with wonderful results.  

It is great to know that it supports my 10,000IUD3 in effectiveness.  Louise

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Hi all,

I've added the page on potential interactions between Vitamin D and Zinc here:

Again, I've noticed many improvements since adding magnesium and zinc to my daily dose of Vitamin D3.   Perhaps it makes sense to talk to your doctors about adding magnesium and zinc to your regimine too...

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Hi Timaca,

I've noticed increased reactions with higher doses of magnesium too.   I have to be kind of careful with the amount I take, although I've been trying to slowly increase my levels a bit...

Hang in there...

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