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 Studies suggest that Vitamin D is important for nervous system function and repair.   Some important studies include:

The above article contains an amazingly complete and fairly easy to read review of the known actions of Vitamin D in the body, including very good explanations of the known pathways.   The following section is particularly relevant:

Section 5.2 Effects of Vitamin D on the Nervous System - this section, I believe, is a must read for those with CNS issues related to Cpn.  Some points of interest:

  • Vit D "participates in modulation of CNS detoxification pathways through regulation of y-Glutamyl transpeptidase, an enzyme which up-regulates the glutathione pool and reduces the production of reactive nitrogen species in astrocytes"
  • Vit D "may inhibit the synthesis of inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS), an enzyme which is produces in response to inflammatory stimuli and have harmful effexts on the CNS"
  • Vit D "may protect the structure and integrity of neurons through neurotrophin (NT) synthesis and nerve growth factor (NGF)"

More studies along these lines from as early as 1991: