Vitamin A antibodies to Vitamin D?

Is this why so many are deficient and/or have trouble raising their levels?
Red and others. Your critique and evaluation of Mercola's latest Vitamin D claims are needed:  LINK

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RRMS, diagnosed 2/04. NAC 4/06. Started Wheldon/Stratton regime 8/30/06. Doxycycline, 8/06, Azith, 10/06. Switched to Roxithromycin 11/06. Psuedo relapse/die-off with hospitalization 1/07. GAD-enhanced MRI of brain and spine shows NO NEW DISEASE ACTIVITY. LDN 4/07. 1st Tinidazole Pulse, 8/11/07. Keflex 2/08. IV Rocephin 3/08. IV Clindamycin 5/08. Housebound with Neuropathy and increased spasticity and weakness since 6/08.  Stopped CAP 3/09. USA

   Minai, I congratulate you for solving your mysteria, I'm sure elevating your VİTd3 will be helpfull. But I'm not sure whether a vit D3 level of 27.6 is sufficient to make a diagnosis of osteomalacia. Did you get any X-ray film of the bones confirming this diagnosis?

  Secondly not VitA antibodies but UVA rays(there are 2 kind of UV rays in sunlight, UVB help our scin to synthesise Vit D3  and UVA destroys synthesized VİT d3). So its enough to take almost 10-20 minutes of fullbody sunbath in the midday sun and than avoid it, because after that time our skin will not syntheisze any other Vit D3, and UVA rays will destroye it instead.



Suspıcıon of MS (transient nystagmus during conjugated gaze on february 2008, blepharospazms and some optic complaints on february 2009-no plaque on MRI), Vit D3 started 400 IU and elevated to 2000 ıu ın 40 days.

Don't take seriously Mercola's advice to stop showering. The vitamin D precursors are inside the skin, not on top of its surface. You can't wash them out by showering.

Thank you for replying,Yilmaz.  I don't know that I have solved the mysteria. Since the neuralgia has returned.  But it certainly does it seem as if this isn't MS or peripheral neuropathy.  Maybe the Vit D3 levels are not enough for diagnosis.  But the symptoms certainly seem to be.  No, I have not been given any X-rays confirming it.




I did not know this about the different UV rays.  And never would've suspected that one of them destroys the other.  Yes.  Maybe this is why some people may have difficultly in building their levels up. Thank you for verifying Dr. Mercola's information about this.  I must have been reading somewhere else about Vitamin A and Vitamin D antibodies.

Thank you, Red. Am very glad to know this.  Was seriously thinking of investing in a whole house water filter, immediately, because of it.  We do have filtered pitchers for the water we drink.  And carbon filters for our showers.  Except that my husband has removed his.  He is the one who I worry about the most, since he must shower every morning.  Still, because of the DPBs maybe I should.  Probably will start him on the spray, too. It's good to know that Vitamin D precursors are inside the skin and can't be removed by showering.


   Minai, you say that it doesn't look like MS or peripheric neuropathy, ıt looks me very beatifull ıf this is really the case, ıf it's not MS or peripheric neuropathy ıt should be something like die-off which is much better.


Suspıcıon of MS (transient nystagmus during conjugated gaze on february 2008, blepharospazms and some optic complaints on february 2009-no plaque on MRI), Vit D3 started 400 IU and elevated to 2000 ıu ın 40 days.

I think it is premature to assume Mercola's input is right or wrong. His point was that D is only absorbed when oil is present, so water will not slow absorbtion but soap which removes skin oil will. What's the big deal with using only water on arms and legs and taking a faster shower? This seems simple and will avoid loss of vitamin D IN CASE this new theory is right.

It would be interesting to see studies of countries where daily baths with soap are not common and check these people's D levels.

Paula Carnes

Paula Carnes

Looking in my Usenet collection, I find that Reinhold Vieth has written on this:
But since in human skin, vitamin D is generated beneath the protective keratin layer of the skin, it probably does not make much difference whether you bathe or not. Your sun-made vitamin D is absorbed from the lower skin layers directly into the bloodstream.

There is some vitamin D produced in the oils of the skin, but relatively little of that is absorbed back into the bloodstream.

Fur-bearing animals get their vitamin D by grooming their fur -- licking their fur, removing the oils with the vitamin D3. Thereby most mammals take the sun-generated vitamin D by mouth. Thus, if one were a fur-bearing animal, the bathing would make a difference, and wash off the vitamin D.

In any case, since seeing Mercola recommend against drinking distilled water, on the grounds that it deprives you of minerals, I don't take his opinions seriously.

Thank you for your input and the quote, Norman! I had been worrying about my two furry cats. And how they are getting the D3 that they need :-)

Speaks to the need for all mammals to get out in the sunshine appropriately and makes you wonder once again abouit Vitamin D deprivation as a choice in therapy.
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