View from Powell Butte Trail Spring 2008

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This looks a wonderful place, a bit like the wine country in N. California but minus the vines!

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Loiuse -

This is another beautiful view - and looks like it would be a very cool walk.  Before we found this site and cpn / cap - I was considering figuring out how to save up for a $25K - very special wheelchair - an "all terrain" version that could go on mountain trails.  Being a single parent for over 20 years - that's a pretty tall financial order - but....

From this park - there is a Mountain to the right past the edge of the shot, no?

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Tom - who should update the signature because Rick HAS started his CAP Protocol - last Thursday!

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Powell Butte is a wilderness type area in the middle of the city with a variety of users and paths.  The first time I went with a friend and we took a trail up the back way  through a stand of older fir trees.  And the last bit of the trail was very steep.  At the top of this small hill is a flat open grassy area which was full of wild daiseys that season.  It was beautiful.   The front of this hill has been black topped most of the way and the last time I was there a few park type benches were placed off to the side of the trail.

At the top one can see a number of Mountains.  I think the ones in the photo are Mt St Helens and Mt Adams.  Off to the right is Mt Hood.  On a good day without much rain this is about a 30 minute walk, 15 or 20 from the parking lot to the top and another 10 to walk around the top area. 

The last time I was there I had more problems walking down the trail than going up due to balance issues.

And I have heard of the all-terrain wheel chairs and scooters.  I think someone who loved to fish was able to use one of the all-terrain scooters and go to his favorite fishing spot.  I did not realize the price tag was so steep.

Hopefully your son and all of us dealing with this bacteria will turn the corner and once again be able to walk in all of our favorite places.

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View from the top of the short in the city hiking trail.  Smile