using test results to diagnose 'active' CPN? what to look for?



I have been poking around and am some what confused how doctors can use serlogy or PCR results to either rule in or rule out CPN as a potential cause of chronic illness... I've read that obviouly IGM and IGA elevations can be read as meaning 'active' but also IGG, IF elevated question I guess is what is high enough?

I've been tested multiple times...IGM, IGA always negative, non-existent...IGG always elevated, the highest its been is 1:256, with <1:64 being positive...

I've read titers greater than four fold can indicate chronic but not sure if that is my case my highest has been two fold...and when tested a few weeks ago it was 1:64 IGG postive...IGM and IGA negative again...

Any thoughts on this? I do have postive tests for borrelia, both antibody and PCR, but am wanting to rule out other infections as well...

Unlike some other infections, I didnt think CPN IGG's stay for life (i.e., unlike say EBV which once exposed yu'll have IGG reactivity for your lifetime). Is this correct?

IgG do very much tend to say for life but once the infection is no longer active the titres slowly decrease. By decrease I am referring to the inverse of the dilution ratio, e.g. a dilution ratio of 1:256 is a titre of 256.  So be titres decreasing I mean for example the aforementioned titre drops to 64 i.e. a dilution ratio of 1:64.  

I asked Professor Stratton about tests a year or two ago and he recommended the immunofluorescence test as the gold standard.  Chronic infection is based on titre result.  I do not recall the cut-off titre but if you send me a PM I will find the email for you.

DX: Chlamydia Pneumoniae (Active Infection),Mycoplasma Pneumoniae (Past Exposure),Coxiella burnetii (Past Exposure),Rickettsia Conorii (Past Exposure),Schistosoma mansoni (Past Exposure)

ABX:Tetracycline + Macrolide / Fluoroquinoline + NAC

I am getting tested soon for cpn. My ND says it's not contagious after 90 days and I've probably had it for about 10-12 years but at least 1-2 years. Does that mean I'm not contagious? I can't seem to confirm his statement with online info. I think he's saying my test will indicate level of contagiousness. He said, "It is not communicable in its non-pulmonary form.  This is supported and confirmed on lab diagnosis which will show positive IgG antibodies and NEGATIVE IgM antibodies.  The former elevation suggesting a chronic, old and non-communicable infection."


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I am still so confused, by these numbers do I have it still or am I clear?

Chlamydia pneumoniae(IgG/M)

Chlamydia pneumoniae IgG 1:32 Neg:<1:16

Chlamydia pneumoniae IgM <1:10 Neg:<1:10

According to lab you have had it in the past but whether you still have it is pretty marginal.

It would seem fairly likely you don't have a chronic active infection, but it cannot be ruled out.

Best to see how you respond to NAC.

DX: Chlamydia Pneumoniae (Active Infection),Mycoplasma Pneumoniae (Past Exposure),Coxiella burnetii (Past Exposure),Rickettsia Conorii (Past Exposure),Schistosoma mansoni (Past Exposure)

ABX:Tetracycline + Macrolide / Fluoroquinoline + NAC

Thanks for the replies everyone, I wasn't getting a notification so this is the first time I've logged in since posting...just thought no one was replying lol...

Anyway, yea so I have positive PCR for Borellia Miyamotoi and titers to bartonella at 1:128, been very sick for the past 5 years, dizzy, POTS, muscle aches, anxiety, brain fog, weight loss, nausea, etc. seen 50-60 docs lots of testing mostly clear except for the infectious part. Have a cabinet full of abx I am afraid to take!

I've been trying to figure out if anything else was part of the picture, as mentioned my CPN labs, first taken a few years ago were 1:256 IGG, IGM and IGA negative, when last taken a few months ago, it was 1:64 IGG, IGM and IGA negative, but honestly dont feel much wondering if m symptoms are more from the borellia/possible bart...

Just had my doc do another CPN lab through MDL, doing both IFA and their PCR, should have the results back in a wekk or so, bt it sounds like titers of this level (coupled with negative IGA) are usually indicative of chronic CPN?

Any way to contact Dr. Wheldon directly?