Using charcoal

Submitted by Lynnp on Wed, 2009-11-11 14:34

I know charcoal soaks up the toxins from the cap but if it makes you constipated doesn't that just make you reabsorb the toxins???  Or do I have to take laxatives all the time???  I had some charcoal but have not used it for that reason.  I feel so horrible lately that I think I will do anything to feel better.  I live on ibuprofen, percocet, biofreeze, heating pad, etc. 

I am prob. going back on charcoal. In my previous experiences I have attributed charcoal to both constipation and diarrhea at differing times.

Neither of these have ever been proven to cause either of those gastro. ailments nor ever will be.

Do any of what you are on particularly percocet help to convince you that these additional drugs  may have caused your constipation.

Lynn, I beg to differ, however, I am prepared to give charcoal another chance and I think-the benefit of the doubt.

Please post your new experiences.vit. c 10000/day and armour thyroid. How are they working for you? Take care and good luck


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Lynn, if you take Milk Thistle it will increase bile flow from the liver and help flush out toxins. Increased bile flow helps move the bowels. Then take charcoal. I am surprised that you don't already. Green smoothies can really help provide the fiber you need. Here's my favorite:

Ruby Smoothie

Handful of red chard (about 5 or 6 leaves)

Cup of berries (blue, black or strawberries--frozen is OK this time of year)

Cup of organic apple or orange juice Blend in a blender until smooth and drinkl it all. Try other combos of greens and berries.

Make one a day and you will feel the difference. Raven

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