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Submitted by hel13 on Thu, 2009-02-26 05:34
Hello everybody..I started CAP almost 4 months ago after having some problems, which everybody here personally know. :-)..I must say before I started I had had problems just few months, except for my knee, which I had problem with for two years. I am 23 so I wanted to avoid getting worse so I decided to try CAP. I must say, it has been about 4 months and I feel much more better, all the problems almost gone, except my urinary problems. This is very strange, cos before I started I had never had classic urinary infection, such as pain, blood in urine,. I had had twice pain in my back, and doctor had found some?infection. He gave me some antibiotic and it was ok.. Now, I feel my urinary bladder almost every day, I go to pee so often and my bladder is so sensitive. I tried to take some anti candida preparations(candimin, two times mycomax(flukonazol)I must say there were about 2 tweeks when this problem gone, but it is back again. I would like to ask for any advice, what it could be?candida?another bacteria wasn´t found.should I start to take mycomax more?thanks for help...good luck to everybody.helen

Hi Helen, thanks for starting your blog, it is a great place to ask for personally oriented comments.  It is wonderful that you have had much relief from your 4 months on CAP.  And the fact that you are in your 20's and addressing these concerns now is a real blessing for you.   I wish that my challenges in my younger days could have helped me to find this form of therapy but back then it did not exist!

Are you pulsing yet?   Taking all three antimicrobial agents as outlined?  I will assume that you did your homework and know that this is not an acute treatment regimen and you are in the early phases?   Has you had a urine culture  taken since you started your freqency of urination?   It is possible that there is a UTI or maybe not.  Sometimes the only way to be sure is to get the culture done.  Then you can look for other reasons and at least be sure that a UTI is not the reason.  Frequency of urination is not fun to say the least.

Something is happening and that could be a signal that CAP may be helpful to you.  To say anymore would be sheer speculation without any depth about your particular situation.  If it keeps you on the CAP and if you need CAP it could be a good thing in the end.  Perhaps others will come by to speak from their challenges and perspectives.

Thanks for sharing with us, it will increase our understanding.  Louise

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I thought I would share  my experience with you Helen. Maybe it will give you some reassurance that someone else has had similar trouble?

Just before I began the antibiotics after a few months on NAC & supplements I got a UTI back in Sept 08. I cannot even recall the last time I had one if ever. It was cultured and I was surprised it was the staph type. I wanted to know more so began looking for articles online. I read that young women who are sexually active are said to be most vulnerable to this type. "Huh? I said, that isn't me." So then I continued to read another category were older, unhealthy women. Bingo. I definitely fit in that one. <wink> But I digress. After I cleared up this infection a few weeks later I thought I had symptoms of another UTI so was cultured again. Nope. Culture clean. My bladder problems did not stop however. After months of it waxing & waning I am seeing a pattern develop now. I definitely have increased bladder issues when die off is worse. Possibly it may be the case for you too. Just because you don't experience other symptoms does not mean it can't be the case for you too. Maybe UTI is your die off symptom?

I often times find when a yeast infection begins to cause symptoms my bladder worsens. I find using a gentle natural suppository called Yeast Gard during these times does help me out.

I totally agree with Louise that you should get a culture done so you know exactly what it is you are up against. Would not be good to let it go assuming it is die off and end up with kidney trouble. That is my take on it anyway. Take good care. MM

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 Hı Helen, CPN seems to be responsible for recurrent intertitial cystitis which seems to fit your condition. I think your urinary bladder was infected by cpn but ıt was in subclinical stage yet, so there was no symptom. By starting CAP, you started to kill cpn in the bladder. So it looks to be a die-off reaction which may last till all the cpn. in your bladder will die. Take care.


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