Update on my progress

Submitted by Homina on Mon, 2011-10-03 16:42

Hi All

I am able to do more now but a strange thing has happened


My sleep is improved and I can work more I also have less Post Exertional Malaise

But I get easily winded doing anything strenous this is a change from before I have amost no stamina for this sort of thing

I am not that out of shape because I still do yoga and weights regularly

A year ago I could swim for a half hour and feel good for the rest of the day but would pay the next day

Now I would get exhausted doing a half hour swim but would have less PEM the next day

Any of you have a similar progress report and any knowledgable people that can explain what is happening ?

I'm not complaining but this is strange




Some things improve quickly, others take longer to adjust and heal.

My night vision came back beautifully while at the same time my knees temporarily lost their stability.

Your system is taking quite a hit, to not experience increased fatigue would be odd.