Update after several months. Any remedies for eustachian tube drainage?

Submitted by 4dogday on Fri, 2009-11-13 05:42
This is my first post for several months. I guess partly because of feeling better and partly because of being busy. I changed my user name to help give myself some public anonymity, but unfortunatly that means I'm like a whole new person here to everyone since they won't recogize me, unless they look at my old signatures. Anyway, I'm blogging to keep myself from paying attention to my discomfort tonight. Typing when I feel terrible makes me feel better, like I'm fixing something, even though I'm not really. I've been living in a kind of false reality of wellness for a good while now. Since I've been on doxy and Biaxin for awhile, I've had very minor symptoms and not much reaction. It's kind of an interesting false sense of wellness, but knowing it is probably not permanent, that is, if I stop abx without finishing. I still plan to take Flagyl, very soon hopefully, but it was once again put off by coming down with a lovely case of CA. I have to wonder what gave me the CA, the CPn, the micoplasma, the abx, or something else just as lovely. Interestingly, a couple places on the internet listed the possibility that long term abx might be a culprit in causing CA and recommended one avoid long term abx. I have a sneakly feeling that if abx causes CA, it is because it is aggravating the bacteria that are already the real problem. I wouldn’t undo my taking abx, even if was part of the cause of my getting CA. It also gave me my life back for now, and that is better than the alternative. BTW, my CA has been removed and I have a good prognosis, but it's not a sure thing. I'm not any more worried about it than I am about CPn. They are different, but they both cause an equal amount of misery IMHO. Anyway, I didn't want to be sick by starting flagyl while doing surgery, etc, so once again it was put off. Anyway, I made the mistake of staying up late a few nights (not a good thing to do when you have immunity problems) and skipping a few supplements, (this is my stupidity because I was feeling better) and I'm awake now feeling sickly. I've been having a new, very annoying symptom for about 6 weeks or more of feeling like I have water in my ears, and despite going to an ent and being told they can't find anything major wrong, it feels like it is getting worse and more painful. I figured out it must be related to increased drainage and perhaps irritation around my Eustachian tubes. I don’t know what is causing it, but it is getting worse and mildly painful. At first I thought it was unrelated, but I’m becoming very suspicious that it may be another CPn thing. My glands in my throat are almost always swollen with it, which was a mild off and on symptom for me before. Now I’m getting a little more proactive. I used salt-water gargle and salt water in my nose and I’m going to continue this and see if it helps. I also woke up with chills and a 97 degree temp, and I can’t get warm, so I took a hot bath and took charcoal. I’m going to assume I’m having some type of extra annoying CPn reaction in my sinus/Eustachian tube area and treat as such. I guess it can’t be a new non-CPn infection because I have no fever. I hope it is my body fighting CPn and winning and not that the CPn is fighting me and I’m losing. I always like to consider a no pain, no gain philosophy with treatment, but it’s also not smart to ignore when things hurt and let them get worse. It’s weird…so many weird reactions happen with CPn and treatment, and often I have no idea what is going on, whether it is a good sign or a bad one, whether I need to go to a doctor or ignore it as a reaction. So far most increased discomfort has typically eventually resulted in improvement, so I just tell myself this is probably the case, but I really have no idea. For those of you looking for good things, I can tell you that I have continued to feel closer to normal in terms of energy over my 2 year treatment, even though I have never started flagyl. I can only guess that the doxy and Biaxin keep the CPn from doing whatever they do to sap me of my energy, and this has given my body time to heal, even though I assume that the CPn are still there just waiting to reemerge and take over (like Invasion of the Body Snatchers)since I haven’t added flagyl yet. Have any of you had problem with mild pain/discomfort and a feeling of water in your ears that you think might be CPn related? Any suggested remedies or ideas as to how many more weeks this might go on? Signing off.