Does anyone know if there are doctors in Taiwan who treat Cpn with the protocols? If I’m reading research correctly, it is called TWAR in Taiwan. Is this correct?


If there's no physician referral, maybe Darren can help with natural substitutes.

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 I’m going to see if she can come back to the states.

thank you though

2003 Asthma diagnosis - 2004 took doxycycline per Dr. David Hahn work - asthma free. 2014 developed upper body myalgia/arthritis and asthma returned. Dec 2015 c pneumonia bloodwork IGG titer 1:512. Took 6 months of doxy for asthma flare up - again asthma gone but myalgia stayed. Dec 2017, extreme fatigue started. Emailed Dr. Wheldon. Research on - Jan 2, 2018 started Wheldon protocol.