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I have been meaning to post this question for a long time.....say a year and a half! What is trprophan? I can't find any information on it. Is this a typo? Is it meant to say trptophan? 

It is mentioned in the section about porphyria and diet:

"3. Avoid Red Meats Red meats, including beef and dark turkey as well as tuna and salmon contain tryprophan and should be avoided as much as possible."

I have had a severe amount of porphyria (after extremely bad advice from a naturopath), inclu mild hallucinations and numbness and tingling back in Dec 2014. I pretty much have it under control now, with a big thanks to this website. I would never have injected myself with 4 B12 injections a week with out this invaluble knowledge. All the suggestions for prophyria management literally saved my life! Thank you!!! 

I'm still tinkering with my diet and trying to make the best it can be and so I really need clarification on what trprophan is.


Thank you!

Hi There,

look here....

and I think it should be spelt: tryptophan

Hope that helps a bit.



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The one-letter typo has been corrected in the Handbook.  Thank you.

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