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I should have started a pulse about now … or perhaps even sooner. I just haven’t been feeling good; doing an awful lot of sleeping.  I know that I will eventually shake off this lurgy that ails me constantly.A few months ago, I purchase some ivermectin. I hadn’t been too sure of the dosage and, as with all new supplements or drugs, I had been quite nervous about taking the stuff. This afternoon I went for it; popping all four 3 mg tablets. I am not dead yet but if I wake up dead tomorrow, I’ll at least know the cause.  I am worried about dying because I have already had an advanced notice of refusal of admission (to Heaven).  Knowing my luck, I probably won’t get into the other place either. I am unsure whether the full range of antibiotics are available in either place. I will just have to make this work.Who, who knows, I might wake up well tomorrow! SmileG.

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The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems. Mohandas Gandhi

He must be, unless he went to bed very late, due to the email I got this morning! ........................Sarah

Completed Stratton/Wheldon regime for aggressive secondary progressive MS in June 2007, after four years, three of which intermittent.   Still improving bit by bit and no relapses since finishing treatment.

Hi Supaguy,

No worries about admission to the other place .... I think we are already there.  At least I don't think it could be any worse than this situation we are all trying to get out of!

Hey Healthy Girl …

I hear what you say and all I can send you is a big hug.

As for what Hell is like (or how good a host The Devil is), I can shed a little light on that for you.  I lived my younger years with her.  That is passed and I have now MS instead.

Eighteen months ago, I was still working and earning full-time money. I was still trying to maximise my earnings and using my magic pen to squeeze whatever I could. I remember the very last job I did. I had to walk down a dark concrete stairwell that had no handrail (whilst carrying tools). My walking was bad as was my fatigue.  I had to go down these stairs holding onto and steadying myself clinging to the wall. I had to just get through every day.  That was pretty Hellish as I recall.

A couple of years ago or so at work; we were all in a team meeting.  The meeting was discreetly interrupted and my manager was called out. I knew instinctively that something was very wrong. They closed the meeting and the brass dashed off. I later found out that they had gone to a site where another colleague had been working. He was someone that I had worked with and shared breakfast and a laugh with many times. It was initially thought that he was soldering and perhaps passed out. No, he wasn’t soldering, he was being electrocuted. He was only a couple of months away from retirement. That was a hell of a way to go. I no longer work and I no longer face that hell. I no longer go on a job and ask myself “Will this be the one?”

Getting MS is frightening if one dares face up to it. I didn’t even face up to growing older … let alone getting ill. I still tell people that I am 27!

I always used to look away when I saw someone in a wheelchair.  It is almost a universally accepted fact that “Being in a wheelchair ain’t no fun”.  To that statement I say “Bollox!”  Now that a very kind fellow CAPer has given me an electric wheelchair, I have had lots of fun. Please look at the linked movie clip below and tell me that scooting along the prom doesn’t look like fun.

When I worked, I fought my way through the week. The people that I met during the course of my day would be less nasty than the last lot – if I was lucky. Whilst there’s no question that MS is a bastard, the people that it has caused me to meet and associate with are not.  If The Devil gave me MS, it’s backfired on her.  I long to rid myself of this dreadful illness but I am ever thankful for the people that I have since encountered.  By that I don’t mean just the very generous CAPer that has gifted me my new power chair; I mean all of the wonderful people that I have come across … whether they be from the Swansea MS Therapy Centre or just ordinary members of the public that stop to help – whether that be in the supermarket or out in the street. The world that I walk normally in seemed full of very nasty people.

To you and to everyone out there, I’d say live what you can live and do what you can feasibly do. Don’t meet grief half way … better still, give it the one finger.

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“Don't believe everything you read on the internet.”

―    Abraham Lincoln

Hey Sarah,

I do indeed go to bed very late. The pedantic answer to the question "Who do you sleep with?" in my case would be "Nobody". Since I no longer work, my sleeping patterns just got worse and worse. My partners sleep cycle is equally absurd; consequently, it is not uncommon for her to be getting up at stupid O'clock in the morning before I have gone to bed at silly O'clock in the morning. Which one of us is the most extreme, it is hard to say.

I would like to be able to blame the antibiotics for turning me into a vampire ... but I was always a bit like that anyway. I sent you that email before I went to bed. I believe that you already know someone that likes to burn the midnight oil.

I have more than once had the editor of an excellent CPn site message me and say "Bed: now!" I have missed many hyperbaric dives now, partly due to my topsy-turvy sleep pattern ... I really mean to change it.

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“Don't believe everything you read on the internet.”

―    Abraham Lincoln

And Sarah occasionally reminds that editor to get to 'bed now', as well. Image removed.

So?  How did the ivermectin dose go?

The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems. Mohandas Gandhi


Well done SG. I look forward to hearing how it goes?

I have not pulsed yet either,  it has taken so long to get over the last one.

I  will start tomorrow, (all going wel).  Just feeling my way at the moment.  Interestingly,  my last pulse was fairly painless and then it hit.. I am hoping the switch to Tini will be woth it!  

Just make sure u do wake up - your humour would be sorely missed!