Tinnitus and Chlamydia pneumoniae - a connection?

Submitted by wernerf on Mon, 2011-08-29 11:31

I have now for 18 months suffered from tinnitus. It first started one morning and faded away during an hour, then the same thing repated itself a week later. Then after X-mas 2009, in the beginning of January it came to stay, unfortunately.

Accompanied by muscle stiffness, especially in right chest, neck, throath. This stiffness is what I believe generates my tinnitus. I have seen a lot of doctors, ENT, MR, CT scans, osteopath, kinesiologist, acupuncture. You name it - I have been there.

For years I have noticed that every time I get a flu or commom cold, it immediately goes deep into my chest making me real sick with fever, night sweat and so on. My and my GP thought it could be mycoplasma pneumonia, and started long term treatment with macrolides (Azitromax). Very limited effect, and worsening when I discontinued the medication. Two months back I took a test called ELISPOT LTT for Chlamydia pneumoniae, and it came back positive. so I started on the Wheldon protocol June 5th 2011. After only a week I started sleeping through the whole night, something that had not happened very often during the whole period Smile

 I am on the protocol, but besides from improved sleep, I dont notice much progress. Anyone else out there who have any similar story or have an advice in any direction?

Greetings from Norway! Werner

Welcome Werner

You have come to the right place, I think.  Do as much reading as you can here and begin the supplements if possible.  They are very important in this battle.  Several of us have/had tinnitus and many of the other sypmtoms of these diseases.  The lung infections were one of mine for decades, even before MS, for me.  They, along with so many other symptoms, are completely gone. 

How is your Vit D level?  You live in a country where the levels are probably very low.


3/9 Symptoms returning. Began 5 abx protocol 5/9 Rifampin 600, Amox 1000, Doxy 200, MWF Azith 250, flagyl 1000 daily. Began Sept 04 PPMS EDSS 6.7 Now good days EDSS 1 Mind, like parachute, work only when open. Charlie Chan  In for the duration.&am

Thank you katman, for your reply!

It gives hope for an end to this nightmare. Besides Doxyline, macrolide and Flagyl I take supplements like N-acetylcysteine 750mg x2, D-vit 1000IU x2, Zink, vitamin C, Omega 3 fatty acids 3 g daily. Magnesium 300-600mg daily, alpha lipoic acid 300mg.  My osteopath says I have a stiffnes in my T2-T5 area, and thinks this might be due to the infection. My hospital has been of absolutely no valaue, except for giving me a CPAP machine for my sleep apnea. This condition has improved quite a bit due to the effort of the kinesiologist who loosened my diaphragm and intercostal muscles. Muscle relaxants like oxazepam has also given me a lot of help.

I use a doctor who is well known in Norway for his mix of traditional and alternative medicine. I am myself a pharmacist, and I believe this also has helped me quite a bit during this period. There is a general opinion in Norway that these microbes are killed by standard short courses of abx. It seems to me the textbooks has to be rewritten before long.


Best regards, Werner

Hi leetz, thanks for your reply.

Ménières disease is as far as I know recognized by intermittent attacks of tinnitus, intense dizziness and reduced hearing or deafness. All three components are present.

I have a 100% faithful tinnitus, it correlates nearly 100% in intensity to my right side back and lung pain. I am seldom any dizzy but I do have a reduced hearing, as expected, in the frequency of my tinnitus.

I cannot rule out the possibility of that diagnose 100%, but it seems unlikely.