Time to get the tooth out! But not yet....

Submitted by MunchMan on Thu, 2011-03-24 13:45

I wanted to give everyone an update.

I went to the dentist in Austin, TX. It was a nice drive through the Texas Hill country to get there. However, I didn’t know the extent of what was about to happen once I got the office.

Once I got there I told the dentist my story, gave him copies of my blog from cpnhelp.org, the public medical findings from PubMed, my daily condition chart since starting Rifampin, my Spirostat assay showing B. vesicularis, and my diagnoses. He was definitely more interested than most of the MD’s I’ve seen. We narrowed the start of my symptoms down to the root canal. He then told me stories of people with MS and root canals, lead fillings, and infections and how they can cause trouble. There is a recommended book I will read soon but need to find the time. It’s called, Solving the MS Mystery by Hal Huggins. I figure this will be another perspective to understand.

After the initial information was given, they took x-rays of my mouth. This is where it got crazy. There was my teeth, highlighted areas on many teeth showing my acrylic filings and one tooth that looked like a drilling rig looking for oil; my root canal.

Around the root of the #20 tooth was a dark cloud in the gums next to the tooth’s root. The root lining was not as defined as the others; it is jagged and less definitive than the rest. The dentist said,”Look at that, rat gnaw’ins!” Sure enough, the suspicions of a possible infection in my tooth are coming closer to reality with this finding. It looks like a rat has been gnawing on my tooth.

 He explained that my immune system is attacking the tooth and trying to cut it out, like what used to happen before there was dentist. It is an evolutionary immune response to something that shouldn’t be there in the first place. It was explained, just like before, that my body wants it out for some reason. Most likely, the infection is located in the dentinal tubules (tube structures in the tooth) and the infection can’t be touched by antibiotics or my immune system. What a hiding spot.

Instead of a local anesthetic for extraction, it now became conscience sedation, IV antibiotics, IV vitamin C, and an EKG monitor.  The antibiotic is for obvious reasons, vitamin C neutralizes the toxins, the EKG because of the heart involvement, and he wants to put me in conscience sedation because he sees it being a higher probability of extraction difficultly.

I declined to get it done that day and will return on April 4th to have it extracted and stay the night in a hotel. He doesn’t want me, as he said it, “bouncing down the road” for 4 hours right after the extraction.

It’s interesting to see a dentist up on “Bacterial MS” as well as other possibilities other than a true autoimmune response. He told me stories of his patients, and if I wasn’t seeing this first hand, I would think he is crazy or a liar. But I don’t so far and I’m willing to be missing a tooth for it.

I don’t know what the future holds with this procedure, but I believe the risk/reward is worth it. My options of a replacement tooth consolidated to just having a bridge, no implant. Like I said, I’m okay with missing a tooth if it helps my recovery.


Christian, Sounds like a plan.  Take what pain medication he will give you and get an emergency number both of which I am fairly certain he will be sure to do.  And maybe you might ask to be seen the next day for a brief check since you are going so far from home.  

I have a gem of a dentist that I travel one hour each way to work with.   I think that many more of the younger dentist are are up on things like this one of your's seems to be.

Please let us know how it goes.   I love your detailed reports!

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Hi christian, guess what? I yanked my root canal yesterday- just exactly as the story u tell here... it was infected. The dentist i saw prior to my good oral surgeon kept saying the shadow was just lack of bone density. My oral surgeon said " hey you dont need to convince me i can see a pocket of infection right here and pointed at the shadow. I was put under immediatly that morning.









Thanks for this (I say this with mixed feelings). I had all my wisdom teeth pulled when I was 27 and now I'm trying to backtrack and figure out whether that has anything to do with what's happened to me since.

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It will be interesting to follow both you and Clammed's observations after having your root canal'ed teeth removed. 

I read somewhere the reason your immune system attacks these teeth is because the are "dead" and our bodies are attempting to heal us and get the "dead" out.  I also read our  teeth are one of the few (only?) location in our body the immune system can't directly reach. 

I had a root canal in 2006 and became very ill in 2007. Did my root canal trigger it?  I don't know...... but all of my "ailments" are on my left-side (which is where the root canal is,).  Seems my immune system was keeping me in check for the most part, as I had been diagnosed with EBV and HHV-6 in the early 1990's (?) and doing well, or at least I thought I was.  

This past Spring I was having MAJOR issues with what I thought was my upper molar (turned out it was my sinus).  At that time, we examined my root canal and so far there's no "rat gnawins" LOL, but I still believe it is harboring bacteria.

If you are interested, here is a Chinese Tooth Meridian Chart that corelates our teeth  to our internal organs -- fascinating :)


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That's a great idea about checking up with him before I leave. I plan to be in "happy" land when it's over. I will also have a friend with me to help me along the way since my wife just started a new job. Also, thanks for the compliment!

Clammed up,

What!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I sure do hope you feel better. The last thing I wanted to do here was to get everyone toothless. It sounds like there was an obvious reason for it though. Remember we still need to take care of ourselves even after this is done and that includes killing these boogers until they are all gone. Keep me updated!! =)


The dentist talked to me about my wisdom's that were pulled in August and he suggested that might be a harbor. He talked about a process called decavitation?/cavitation. They go in and "clean up" the mess and allow the bone to reheal properly.


All I can say is I started having "bacterial" problems when this tooth cracked in 2004/2005 and exposed the pulp. I started getting gluten sensitivity (didn't know it at the time), brain fog, heart issues,and others but nothing extreme. The MD I saw at the time thought I was crazy. We did an EKG with nothing to report and I thought I had become ADD/ADHD but never went on meds. It wasn't until I had the root canal that things got really freaky. Immediately after (withing 2 hours) the root canal I had extreme IBS issues for a couple of days. From there it was downhill. The first numbness symptom was my left cheek, the side of the root canal along with my tongue. It seemed to get feeling back when I used mouth wash. If you see on the chinese meridan the #20 tooth, you will see tongue. How shocked was I when the dentist showed me this.

I don't know if the root canal started your issues, but I would be suspicious if your symptoms started in the same time frame. You might consider another opinion with a holistic dentist in your area.

Well everyone, I appreciate the visits and look forward to reporting in the future. I know this website is specifically for Cpn, but this is were I started this journey and hopefully this journey will end here too. I wouldn't be in the better position I'm in now if it wasn't for this website. 

Night everyone!!


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