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In my ongoing quest to eliminate yeast, I ordered Threelac (a dietary probiotic supplement) for my daughter.  It arrived today and I see on the box that it is says not to use if taking antibiotics.  Of course, my daughter can't stop taking the antibiotics so I am not sure what to do. 

 I believe from searching old posts that some on Cpnhelp have used Threelac.  If you used it while on CAP please let me know how you dosed it. I guess what I really need to know is how many hours you took it from the antibiotics and if you feel it helped. My daughter takes PB8, a probiotic, that I give her several hours apart from the antibiotics.  We could certainly do the same with Threelac.

 Threelac is pretty expensive so I don't want to waste sense taking it if the antibiotics are going to undue to probiotic effect of Threelac.

 I was really hopeful that this was going to be very helpful to her. Ugh. 


Maria, I think that antibiotic are bound to inhibit a number of the probiotics and the way that you are dosing the current type you are using is likely the best that you will do.   Not taking it is almost as much of a waste, certainly will do no-one any good unless she stops CAP (not suggesting this). 

Perhaps you could give it at bedtime and have the entire night for it to get lower in the GI tract before the next dose of abx?  

There has been another good probiotic mentioned here by Raven which I am now using.  Needs no refrigeration and my daughter swears by it as a gas preventative from her perspective of malabsorption issues.  DuraFlora by Source Naturals. has a good price $15.49 for 120 caps (5 billion cells (10 billion at time of encapsulation) so it has a lot of them per capsule for the price.

I am trying to get the local health food store to stock it since is room temp stable and concentrated.

I like to buy local in small amounts.  Seems that supplement shopping is the only type of recreational shopping I do these days!

Nice to hear from you.   Louise

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Maria, how are you sure she has yeast as a problem? Or are you using it as a preventative?  Louise

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I've tried Threelac and it is expensive, I have also used the alternative and cheaper option Xtralac and if you don't have any GI problems I'd say it was better.   Some people with Irritable Bowel cannot take grapefruit seed extract which is an effective probiotic and included in Xtralac.

I would give it as far away from antibiotics as possible.   It is a question of replacing the good bacteria that the antibiotics kill off.

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Thanks for the feedback Louise. Your suggestion about taking the Threelac at bedtime is a good one.

My daughter gets thrush on her tongue a few days after she ends a flagy pulse so that was the first clue that yeast is a problem. Several months ago I posted that her headaches were pretty bad and Jim K. suggested the possibility of yeast causing some of her symptoms.  After reading up on systemic yeast, it seemed to fit as a good explanation for the headaches and other assorted symtoms.  Someone (can't remember who now) suggested capyrlic acid and she began taking that with almost an immediate die off reaction....increased headaches, itchy all over, increased fatigue, depression, sore neck  etc.. But that abated quite a bit after a few days.  

So now she uses a nystatin rinse for the thrush.  Her doctor also has her taking Florastor (saccharmyces boulardi) twice a day while pulsing.  At the end of the pulse he has her take one Diflucan tablet.  At the end of the last pulse, the day after it ended which was also the day she took the Diflucan, she seemed to have a very bad bout of die off.... probably a combination of cpn and yeast.  It was really awful.  The next day she was much improved.

She continues to take a probiotic, caprylic acid as well as olive leaf extract and recently we added Candex.  I was hoping Threelac would be the final knock out punch for the yeast.

 As I mentioned, in a post a few days ago, last week was one of the best she has had in months.  No headache, good mood, etc... This week the heachache is back though not terrible and she is a bit fatigued. 

She felt well enough to go to the midnight showing of the new Harry Potter movie last night so that is a good sign of her improving health!

Thanks again, Maria

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In answer to your question, no, NAC is not vitamin C. It stand for N-acetyl-cysteine and is a precursor to glutothione which is naturally produced by your body. The reason it is used as part of the CAP is that first, it has some of the properties of an antibiotic - amoxicillin - without being an antibiotic.

It's a supplement which acts on the EB stage of Cpn, klling it by breaking the di-sulphide bonds which hold it closed before it goes to feed after it has infected a cell. The effectively causes it to starve to death since it can't feed. The other reasn that NAC is used is because it has positive impact on the liver. It mitigates some of the impact on the liver that are caused by taking antibiotics. Only some, not all.

Other things are helpful too, such as Alpha Lipoic Acid, another supplement that has positive affects on the liver.

best, John

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Good that your doctor is on top of all this.  The swish of nystatin was something that I was thinking of and then came to your next paragraph.   Please keep sharing your problems and your solutions you are certainly contributing to the weath of knowledge for readers here Maria.

So wonderful that she is having more better days now,


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