This one is for the ladies..

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies!

I wanted to ask your experiences. It's been 2 capsules of NAC and I am already feeling it..

Candida!? Does NAC precipitate it by any chance? It's not something I've often suffered from, but it seems that NAC is giving this nasty a chance to invade my body.. 

 I read that NAC helps with it, but it's popped up out of nowhere. Now, do you think it's like CAP treatment - worse before better?


**If males read this post - I do not make any apologies as the title says it all :P ** 

I've had no problems with it and don't think NAC has that effect.

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Neither did I have a problem.  Myra, could you please post a link because it is the first I have heard about NAC causing candida.......................Sarah

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I wonder whether it is that the NAC contains sulphur, which is excreted in the urine, and is irritating to the vulva.... making it feel as if a yeast infection is brewing?

Might explain why you felt it after just 2 capsules of NAC