This is gross but need help

Submitted by Lynnp on Mon, 2009-12-14 00:02

Can Flagyl cause foul smelling stools?  After I finished a 7 day pulse I have that problem real bad.  Also vaginal too.  I know Flagyl can cause more yeast which I always have in abundance but my question is - did I take the flagyl for too short a time and caused a bowel infection???  Or maybe it's more likely that I got a killer candida infection in my colon?  Sorry to be gross but just wondering if anyone has had that problem and what did they used to get rid of it?  I am taking 1 - 100mg diflucan pill a day (which I always have to take anyway) and probiotics.

Very foul smelling stools and flatulence can be associated with gluten malabsportion and the overgrowth of bacteria that results.

Vaginal yeast is extremely itchy when it is a severe infection.

I suppose a stool sample sent for culture would give you the most specific information regarding infection.

With diflucan and probiotics on board it is an interesting and distressing question that's for sure.   I'll be interested in the comments this produces.  Lynn, I hope you find your answer soon!      Louise

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Short answer: yes.


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Hi Lynn,

 When our gut flora gets out of balance it can grow harmful bacteria. This bacteria can release hydrogen sulfide gas which causes this foul oder. My doctor gave me some important information on how to keep the gut healthy.

 I started a glueten and sugar free diet along with digestive enzymes. This will help the gut digest the food and help with over growth of yeast. It is always helpful to use a yeast fighter. I use Kolorex and lots of probiotics. The smelly gas has gone and my family is sitting next to me again.

What the gut does:

 1. Breaks down your food by digestive enzymes and stomach acid, and bile.

 2. Absorbs only the molecules we need, such as amino acids, fats, sugars, and proper vitamins and minerals.

 3.It also neutrolizes toxins, and bad bugs.





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I also found that meat was an aggravator for me during pulses. A bite or two of chicken at a meal was all I could manage early on. 

Charcoal helped, I recall, especially my night dose of it.


On CAP for CFS starting 01/06 (NE Ohio, USA)

Began rifampin trial 1/14/09

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