Submitted by mrhodes40 on Thu, 2005-11-10 15:16

This page is for all those who are using vitamin D supplementation as part of their protocol. It is clear that what medical people were taught and what appears to be true about vitamin d levels and human nutrition are different. Here is a wonderful presentation on vitamin D offered by a researcher.  Please be aware, this presentation requires a fast connection like DSL or cable.   It's essentially a DVD of a presentation with 68 slides offered alongside showing the research findings.This paper focuses on MS and vitamin D specifically "Vitamin D and Calcium Deficits predispose to MS"  This is a link out to pubmed.This incredible resource is an in depth look at vitamin D and all it's standard understanding though with inclusion of some of the newer findings, for example that it deters cancer.   It is also a good background of how vitamin d is used in the body for various functions and explains the tests available to check status.