The Shark

Submitted by Arttile on Sat, 2011-04-02 22:03

Wow! Is that a vulnerable brain with its spinal column?

minocycline, azithromycine, metronidazole 2007-2009, chelation for lead poisoning, muscle pain, insomnia, interstitial cystitis (almost well), sinus, dry eyes, stiff neck, veins, hypothyroid, TMJ, hip joints (no longer hurt)

Well, I should have thought to look at the site before starting to mess around with the image you sent!  I couldn't work out why the file size was so high with all the layers flattened.  I must say that I prefer the previous one: this looks rather out of focus, although I like the effect of the rising bubbles......................Sarah    
A Journey through Light and Shadow
Completed Stratton/Wheldon regime for aggressive secondary progressive MS in June 2007, after four years, three of which intermittent.   Still improving bit by bit and no relapses since finishing treatment.

Yes Janice, actually 2. One's on the bottom. Sarah, the shark looked too prominent when in focus so I used a bit of motion blur. Realize that you're seeing it in a much smaller file.

PPMS-misdiagnosed 2001-diagnosed 2006. Probably caught cpn in birth canal but it didn't pass BBB until my 40s. Minocycline 7 mos.- resulting bronchitis 5 months.Go to private m.d. out-of-plan. Wheldon CAP 3/2/07 Stopped 12/12; resumed 12/13

Sorry it's hard to read at this scale. I had to submit it at 12.5% for our website to agree to take it.