The herbal mixture

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It looked like a yummy stir fry in the before pic, and I thought hmm not so bad, but then i saw they soppy greeny brown semi liqid , and I imagined you may want to plug the nose and swallow?

Its amazing though, that all we need comes from nature itself without the intevention of man and his chemicals. I do truly believe that, however, right now Im just doing what works which is the CAP, and when and if it stops working I'll move on to something else that works.

Ive done herbs before, and I do find that they work. Back when i was very sick with cpn befopre i learned how to get abx, I took goldenseal and it seemed to have some affect. Ive also noticed effects with artemesia.

Thanks so much for this information shaolin








Much like flagyl, then!..............Sarah  

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Completed Stratton/Wheldon regime for aggressive secondary progressive MS in June 2007, after four years, three of which intermittent.   Still improving bit by bit and no relapses since finishing treatment.

Careful with herbs though. Just because they are herbs, does not mean that they are safe. I got very sick on a herbal preparation back in 1999.  I thought it was an MS episode and was heading for the emergency room after a family meeting. We decided that as a last ditch effort, I would go off the herbs for 24 hours first. Most my troublesome symptoms lifted within the first 12. I do believe in herbs to some extent. It's true that man made chemicals are sometimes a problem, but those herbs are often man tampered as well. There is not soil on this planet that has not been affected by our environment, so just a cautionery word is all. Three cheers for doing something. So many people just walk in to the dr. office and say, here, fix me. Got a pain, take a pill. I have always maintained that if you give your body the tools it needs, it will do what it is designed by our great creator to do. Eat like  your food is medicine. OK, I am done preaching. Good luck with the nasty looking roughage tea. The before picture looks like a healthfood cereal I tried once.

Lived with MS since 1991. Completed 16 months of full CAP plus supplements. Currently in full remission. Not on any antiobiotics anymore but taking all supplements incl NAC.

It makes no sense to take herbs or conventional medicine unless you know what you are taking and what the potential risks are.  We need to take responsibility for researching functions and risks of the mediicines we take.  Just my opinion.


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Todybear, you are absolutely right. People should always be careful. Everything we eat or drink has a potential side effect and herbs can have serious side effects. That´s why it´s wise to consult an expert before experimenting with herbs.

This herbal mixture is made by a TCM doctor with more than 50 years experience and it´s proven to be very safe, even for long term use.

In addition to unknow effects and reactions, there has also been concern about the quality and potential chemical contamination of some Chinese-sourced herbs. Even with a good TCM doctor, it may be difficult for them to know the provenance of their sources. If anyone knows of how to access tested herb sources, that would be useful information.


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Alot of plants can be contaminated with mold and thus becomes toxic, and some plants are simply fungus themselves so people with allergies always have to be weary when taking combinations. Some things I always do is look up the english or "other/latin" name if possible, and then do some research to see whether its a mold/fungus/mushroom, has any toxic properties, interactions with other chemicals, and then finally try to find out how succeptible to mold contamination it is. Source is important as well. We are very lucky where i live there is a long standing herb store that boasts thier quality assurance ( and speaks english )and will always know details about the toxicological properties of each herb. They know exactly how each herb is supposed to look and how it will appear if its contaminated. They have been around at least 20 years. Im going to look up the herbs you posted and then bring it to them to see what they think.








The herbal mixture before and after being cooked.