The calm before the gathering storm....

Submitted by farandwide on Mon, 2008-10-06 16:36

Here today on October 6 and I look ahead to October 18 when I will be embarking on pulse 27.  That sounds so calm when I'm anything but calm about it.  Pulse 26 took me from being ambulatory to having to use a wheelchair and/or walker.  It wasn't something I was expecting to happen, it was pulse 26.  I had pulsed for over 2 years and yes, I had a little bit of heat and heaviness in my legs but by and large was able to get around and be fully functional through pulses.  Pulse 26 was far different.

I have taken off the month of September to give myself more recovery time from pulse 26.  I don't know if that was a good or bad move in the long run, maybe it won't make a difference in the long run but that's what I did.  It was the easy choice after pulse 26.  I was in dire need of a break and I took one.

I've only slowly been ramping back up to where I was prior to pulse 26, gaining the ability to use a walker rather then a wheelchair after about a month and still using it.  I think that I may be able to get around without the walker in a few more weeks, maybe.  It's a safety net, for sure, and it's so nice to have one.  I haven't skinned a knee, elbow, or forearm in weeks.  Those of you who know me and have read my blog will know that is quite a change over what I had been going through.  It's been a nice break in that regard.

But pulse 27 in looming.  My plan is to start it on or about on October 18, about 2 months since I started pulse 26.  Will it be as hard as pulse 26?  I don't know and I'm quite worried about it.  Only time will tell.  Pulse 27 was far harder then any pulse I've ever been through.

One good thing through it all has been that I've made some good friends both here and in my daily life that I didn't have before.  It's still quite new and I hesitate to call it my safety net as I've never had one before and am a bit nervous about thinking that I'll have one.  Not something I'm used to having but I'm not complaining, I'm glad to find myself thinking about one, trying to decide if I have one where before I knew without thinking that I didn't.  Things have changed in positive ways and I hope that trend continues and pulse 27 just continues the trend.

John, Here's hoping your birthday present is a little late and it's the gift of an easy, recuperative pulse.

From one Libra to another.... patience.  It's what we strive for and what's so hard to achieve.

The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems. Mohandas Gandhi

Thanks Mac, if nothing else, this experience has taught me a lesson or two about patience, definitely.  It's something I had before I started only to find that what I had was nothing compared to what I was about to need.  It has definitely been an experience and continues to be.  Onwards, pulse ho!

best, John

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Although I'm much newer at this than you, I too am gearing up for my next pulse which I've had to put off.  It'll only be my 3rd one and I feel like a big coward although I'm prepping for it and hoping, like you, for an easier go of things.  

I'll start my own blog entry for more details but wanted to comment with encouragement.  Onwards and upwards... tally ho!  Image removed.

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Don't believe everything you think!  

Good luck John, pulses can be so different one from the other so I hope the next one is a goodie and you continue to recover.

Its good to know that your social life is supportive for you, it makes all the difference.


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John, blessings for a tolerable pulse and think strong thoughts!  Louise
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Thanks Louise

I'm now a bit over a week before pulse 27.  Not looking forward to it but it is something that has to be done.

I've been following discussions here by various people and have decided to try a couple of things to see what effect that have and whether or not I'll benefit from taking them.

First thing I've tried is different B12 supplements.  I think it was Michele or Reenie who was doing that, or maybe Daisy, I forget.  Basically, their are some different ones from Source Naturals I'm trying.  I know one of them is called "Advanced B12" or something along those lines and has methylcobalamin along with another form...andeno something I think. 

 The other B12 supplement I'm taking is another Source Naturals supplements.  Again, I'm trying to recall the name from memory.  It starts with the letter "D" and is something like "Dibenocozide" or something like that.  I know I'm off, I will have to read the bottles again later.

Anyway, I've gone through most of the two bottles I picked up a couple of weeks ago and am going to reorder.  In addition to those two B12 additions, I also picked up something someone else was talking about....Paba and another supplement that's complimentary, some sort of coenzyme precursor I believe, if I don't recall incorrectly.  Anyway, I just started those two the other day and don't have the longevity with those as the first two B12 supps I listed.

Finally, I've been giving though to using cholestyramine for some time.  Months, even before pulse 26, before I got slammed.  I decided to try an alternative and today was my first time taking it.  It's a form of Chitosan, Chitosan HD.  I bought it from Whole Earth.  Not sure how much it helped with the post lunch endotoxin/pophyria rush I have every day.  I'll be taking it after lunch every day for the next week and see if it makes a difference.

So anyway, onwards and upwards!

best, John

RRMS/EDSS was 4.5, 5, 6, 6.5, 6.9999, 6.5 on Wheldon/Stratton Protocol beginning 04/12/2006
nac 4x600 mg/day
doxycycline 2x100mg/day
azithromycin 3x250mg/day MWF
metronidazole 3x400mg/day then 3x500mg/day