Thank You All for Welcome

Submitted by OPILOT on Sat, 2009-09-05 17:10

Thank you for the welcome.  I am so happy to read about people who have similar issues and who don't think I"m crazy for wanting to try and do this protocol. 

Cpn is probably very similar to Lyme's in what kinds of disease states it produces in those unlucky enough to get it and have a weakened immune system. 

The Lyme's folks all know what I mean when I say "cracking popping in my neck" for example! 

Yesterday i took my first NAC dose, I've only been on doxy 10 days, and I'm adding in and ramping up to full treatment (as much as I can on my own).  So, the NAC was new and never tried.  I got a headache for most of the evening, but that wasabout it.  I thought that was all the effect I was going to have.  I was bit cold too.  But the hot tub warmed me right up, LOL.

 Then last night round 3 in the morning - 12 hrs after I took my NAC I woke, feverish, hot and achey.   I was like that in the morning also.  Is this the reaction to taking NAC? 

 I also took a new product that is herbal to help with inflammation.  It has ginger and all sorts of other good stuff in it.  Zyflamm (sp?) I think its called.

 Today was my zithro doxy day, so i combined and added the NAC in the am my second dose of 600 mg - I'm ramping up slowly to the 1,200 dose -

I had the doxy/zithro round 2 pm... I know it will take awhile to hit the system.  I usually feel (well my sinuses do anyway!) so much better with the zithro - it hits me and I get a "wellness" feeling.  Then alas it wears off...That's when I pay for it.

I feel terrible for 24 hrs after it wears off then I feel okay (well as well as I'm likely to get anyway for now..).

 My neck, which was so much better recently, just on the physical therapy and ultrasound / heat treatment flared back up big time with NAC too. 

Of course, I am also persuing a weight training regime that probably is also causing some inflammation of the muscles.  However, it may also be helping oxgenate the muscle tissues which is where I think the nasty Lyme bug is there are some benefits to the weights.  At least it doesn't wipe me out...

On average how long do people find NAC "effects" and when they start the Flagyl, how "hard" to they get hit?  Every story I've read seems to indicate it really hits hard.... even for folks like me who don't have tremendous symptoms on zithro and doxy...



Unfortunately, the people who have minimal effects from the protocol rarely post. Usually, it's the people who are 'hit hard' and who are scared that post a lot.

Many of us here have had very few side-effects from the protocol. I had a little bit of body temperature fluctuation, very runny nose and felt achey, just like when you feel like you're coming down with the flu. That's why we call the reaction to NAC, "NAC flu".

This is normal. The dramatic NAC reactions usually go away in a couple of weeks.

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Hi there Opilot

I think the NAC effects usually settle by about a month.  I've just done my first pulse of Flagyl - only 1 day  - I had a reaction of feeling very fizzing inside, tired and runny nose - noticeable but entirely manageable.  I don't know what it will be like to do it for longer but so far it wasn't too hideous.  I like getting something of a reaction - it feels encouraging that something is happening in there - I hope to be able to work up gradually so that it isn't too awful when I start the longer pulses.  Mentally I've set aside the next 12 months for feeling bad/getting better - so I'm not taking on any unnecessary responsibilities and I hope to enjoy some sofa time with DVDs when I feel bad. In this way, I hope to be able to feel a bit relaxed if I do have some unpleasant reactions.

Good luck with your protocol - keep us posted about how it goes.


RRMs diagnosed 2008 (symptoms for 20 years). Also sinusitis, recurrent UTIs, IBS  Wheldon protocol began 31/7/09 Doxy 200mg, Azithro 250 3X week.  Supplements B12, D3 Vit C, multivit, Fish oil, probiotics, NAC, vit E, turmeric