Testing troughout treatment

Today I was at the doctor and she told me results of tests- my cpn IgA titers and KFR are high, almost on the same level as in the beggining. So it seems to her my treatment is not very effective. When I took ofloxin my titers rapidly decreased after one moth.

I was better after first two months into the treatment but then I again got worse and last few weeks I am not really well. (I am finishing fourth month)

I know nothing about testing, but it seems to me strange, does anyone have any idea, why it is? I would be grateful for any reasonable answer.

Titers often go up when on the protocol. In fact, some people who are seronegative before antibiotics become seropositive (seroconversion it's called) when start abx. This is because killing Cpn discloses more of it's proteins to the immune system which then makes more antigens to stimulate immune cells to clean up Cpn. So this is not a good way to measure treatment, except to show that you are still reacting in a significant way to Cpn. Most of the antigen tests are measuring antigens to EB's since the RB's and cryptic Cpn is not exposed to the immune system since it is intracellular. But when you take Flagyl and host cells are killed, the Cpn fragments are loosed into the blood stream where they cause antigen reactions.

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Wow, Jim, Pretty succinct response!  You actually make me want to go out and get tested all over again, just to see what the results are now!  I swear, I learn something new every single time I come to the site. (This is a very good thing, as Martha Stewart would say.)

The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems.  Mohandas Gandhi

The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems. Mohandas Gandhi

This is very true, Jim.  In fact I wasn't tested for anything until about three weeks of doxycycline and then was barely, but "not considered worth treatingly" positive at 1:64.  I probably wouldn't have even registered that three weeks previously.  I've no idea what I might be now, but I don't feel inclined to part with any more blood to find out, despite only living a few yards from one of the hospitals two blood taking rooms...........Sarah

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This is very interesting, Jim and it is also way, how I personally thought about testing. I was sick from metro pulse when I went to the tests, so I asked my doctor if there could be some influence from metronidazole killing cpn. She refused this idea. I really do not understand why after some abx, eg. ofloxacin (which also kills cpn) titres can decrease so quickly. However my treatment is very dependant on positive blood tests, so good news is my doctor will continue to support me and I also have a proof for insurance company due to positive tests. Sounds very stupid, but it is reality.

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 Those are values of my ELISA tests  after 4 month on CAP and before the treatment. 



anti cHSP 60 
















Those are my daughter's values before and after nearly 5 month on the CAP:



anti cHSP60















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