27 Apr 2018

Test Result


Hi,I was wondering if someone could have a look at a test result for me. Diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2007.Have been under the care of a new Dr for the past couple of months and he arranged for me have some tests done.Cpn IgG Ab's came back as 1.1 ( lab form range says Borderline:1.0- 1.3)I suffer with numerous symptoms, joint/muscle pain, headaches, almost permanent sore throat, sinus problems, tummy problems,  list goes on...Do you think that i may have CPN. Are there any other tests to confirm, preferably available in the UK.Thank youdawn 


Testing is not very reliable, and the combination of your borderline level of IgG and the symptoms make a Cpn infection a clear possibility, in my (non-medical layman) view.Have you done a NAC test/challenge? That is a simple way to get another view of the situation. Second section after the introduction on http://www.davidwheldon.co.uk/NAC.htmlNote that Dr Wheldon suggests starting with the full 2400mg/day dose at once for the test. It is often suggested here on the forum that one is to slowly increase the dose over several days or even weeks. That carries the risk of diluting the reactions to the point of ambiguity. If one is afraid of too severe reactions, a single, lower, dose and then wait for a few days may be an alternative.As an example, I was initially tested negative for Chlamydiae (in the UK) abs in March one year (before starting treatment, and then higly positive as in my sig in August the same year (different test in Germany).I'd suggest an empirical treatment (as suggested by the Drs behind the treatment protocols), given your symptoms (although a complete list may change that).Good luck!

Borrelia/Cpn arthritis: joint, skin, eye, CNS, respiratory, UG involvment; fatigue. Borrelia: Clinical, Elisa&WB IgG, and CPn IgG and IgA pos, HLA-B27 neg. (2010). CAP 5/9/2010 -> 3/2016 2017: some signs and symptoms returning, Borrelia?