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InterFase Plus and Biofilms

Last Wednesday, I decided to start the InterFase Plus for the treatment of biofilms.  I was curious to see what, if any, type of reaction I would have.  The recommended dosage (on the bottle) is 2-8 capsules per day.   Additionally, I have a schedule obtained from an autism parent given to her by the autism doc, Dr. McCandless, but it is too agressive IMOi, for me so I decided to only take it on M/W/F,  the days I take both Azith and Doxyi. (I switched back to Azith, from Roxi January 2010). 

Liver Detoxification

Liver Detoxification; available as seen at and

from<  for the full article.

"The liver plays several roles in detoxification: it filters the blood to remove large toxins, synthesizes and secretes bile full of cholesteroli and other fat-soluble toxins, and enzymatically disassembles unwanted chemicals. This enzymatic process usually occurs in two steps referred to as phase I and phase II.

Phase I Detoxification - Phase I either directly neutralizes a toxin, or modifies the toxic chemical to form activated intermediates which are then neutralized by one of more of the several phase II enzyme systems.


 Here are common UNTRUTHS (misinformation & disinformation) about Activated Charcoal Powder, that have been disseminated for MANY years, plus PROVEN TRUTHS about Activated Charcoal Powder.


Lauricidin - adding another adjunct shown to inactivate bacteria, viruses, fungus, and yeasts

1-19-2010 I'm finally getting all my adjuncts from my Dec 09 visit lined up and started. My MD seems to be on track with DrP, Lauricidin was highly recommended to me by my provider. Here is a written source that can give some information regarding its benefits. Thanks Raven for sharing your information, I ran it by my provider and he already knew about it and certainly approved of it's addition to my treatment plan.<  (taken from Joyce's blog titled Lauricidin)

A new direction for treatment/update on progress

Hello, and here is my latest treatment update.

Some of us have multiple complex variences to bacteria and virusus. I fount that I am one of the complex patients. I was not responding well to the treatment any more and the more antibioticsi I would try to take  the more side effects and set backs.

I decided to fly out to California to see Dr. Powell for his assessment and treatment help. This doctor is amazing to say the least.My husband and I left their with a sence of hope and healing.Here is some of the information I learned about capi treatment.

Lung Infection Dragged On

Well, the lung infection went deep and became a wheezing rattle for a long time. I was coughing, fatigued and felt slightly feverish. Took lots of C and Olive Leaf extract as well as saunas. I tried high dose D--up to 100,000 iu a day for a few days but backed off because my blood pressure went up.(I did notice however that a few scratches I got from playing with the cat healed almost before my eyes while taking it!!) I sent for Lauricidin (monolaurin) and started taking 2 scoops a day. I did notice some definite die off reactions (headache, chills,muscle pain,sweats) from this supplement and I will continue to take it.

Have you tried Betine Hcl

I was wondering if anyone has used the digestive enzyme called Betine HCL?

My doctor started me on this and I have noticed a huge die off reaction. From what I have read it's to increase stomach acid. I know yeast likes high PH levels ,so could this be killing the yeast?

Thank you.

Pulse #12 Culminated with an ER Visit

For my records here….. I started pulse #12 on Sunday, October 4th.  I have been tolerating my pulses (for the most part) decently.   The first 2 days the left side of my head felt clogged with cement.  My left ear, eye, lymph nodes, sinus were painful.  Right knee painful.   Total inability to concentrate... first 3 days I felt as if I were in "suspended animation" and all I really did was “zone out” and stay in the house.

yeast help

I have developed a yeast infection and am having trouble getting rid of it. My doctor started my on Fluconazole 100mgs for 10 days. It seemed to give  some imprvoement but the yeast returned. I just started the oral rinse of Nystatin to see if that my help. I don't want this to get out of control and was wondering what others have used.


Thank you....

MicrobeWiki - a resource on microbes and microbiology

MicrobeWiki is a free wiki resource on microbes and microbiology, edited by students and monitored by microbiologists at Kenyon College<. We invite you to use our Microbe Wiki to study the microbial world with us. You are encouraged to add information, after registering a free account<.<


I'm reading a lot of things about biofilms. They are a problem in the commercial world. It seems common knowledge that they are also found in the body. How to eradicate the biofilms in vivo is the question. One article equates Iron with Biofilms. The title was No Iron = No Biofilm. The author suggested Lactoferrin was a good way to sequester Iron and weaken biofilms. I read a study with Lactoferrin and animals. Lactoferrin prevented the formation of biofilm but they found it did not break down the existing biofilms.

Another recent article someone engineered a virus with a gene from a fibrolytic enzyme and it was very successful in breaking down biofilms in vitro. Sounds promising.

I have found the most explanatory paper on Cpn, Atherosclerosis, Asthma...

Has anybody else found this one?<

Rock on!



Hello everyone its been a while since I posted. Ive been feeling quite well for a while now. But for the past week ive been feeling really bad. I dont know what it is but just a lot of fatique, muscle pains, swollen lymph nodes and nasua. also I ive noticed ive got petechia on my skin. Its small and hardly noticable. also it goes away within a week but new ones reapear. I read up on this and it says usually people with luekemia get this. Im now scared that I have a hidden cancer the docs didnt find. I just took some charcoal about 5 minutes ago to battle the severe depression. hopefully that helps. My question is does anyone experince having petechia while having cpni and related infections? thanks and god bless all to get better


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