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An antibiotic used to interfere with bacterial replication. Also used in Multiple Sclerosis as an immune modulator.

Most mild CAP protocol in terms of side effects & die-off?

I started CAPi with Minocycline 100mg x 3 + Rifampin 300/day only to stop it due to huge reaction. My dr was thinking in the lines that's one of the abxi causing side effects, perhaps the Mino. Soon I re-started only with Doxycycline 100 mg x 2/day. At first it was OK but I had abdominal pain, aggravated hypertension">i, hypoglycemia and porphyriasi again and by 10th day it was too severe for me to continue. I mean, I felt like it was life-threatening at the time.

I stopped Doxy a week ago yet still haven't recovered completely. Today I feel that like I was hit very hard on a head but a bit better in general.

Hypoglycemia and how do you manage?

I am on Doxycycline 100 mg x2/day since 01/14/08. Before Doxy I started with Minocycline/Rifampin CAPi but had to stop in a few days due to severe reactions and overwhelming hypoglycemia as well. Now, on Doxy, hypoglycemia continues. I was feeling good for a couple of days earlier this week but on Wed evening relapsed with weakness, tiredness, shaking/shivering due to feeling cold, tachycardia, BP's up, nausea, hunger and so on. Most of the Thu I felt waves of the same effects and had to leave work. Today, Fri, I am feeling much better but I have to eat something every 2 hrs to keep re-occurrence of hypoglycemia away.

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Embarking on CAP - what do you think of this protocol?

Last Fri I saw my new dr who is an integrative MD specializing in Lyme. Very nice, compassionate and down to earth person. The appt was early morning when I am not yet in my best shape. I was so exhausted and brained fogged, my BP was soaring 170/110 so that my hubby had to drive me over and was a big support at the dr's office as well. 

minomycin plus???


Am  currently on the tailend of  treatment of a skin disorder ,which involves

Antibiotics and antimicrobials; tablets vs capsules when available and generic vs brand names

My question primarily is from a user perspective, regarding the cost/vs side effects  of purchasing brand name capsules vs tablet forms when there is a choice. 

Cost seems to often be in favor of the tablet form. 

For those with no stomach distress with the capsules, seems either might be fine. 

For those with stomach respsonse to the capsules (such as myself) I have now realized that I do have a choice of the tablet form,

as well as a higher priced choice of another brand name Doryx that is reported to have less stomach response symptoms. Reported to be newer and more costly than either the tablet generic or the capsule generic.

Minocycline might help after stroke

Antibiotic might help after stroke, study says

It suggests minocycline could protect brain cells



Posted: Oct. 1, 2007

For more than a decade, scientists have searched for a drug that could

be given in the hours immediately after a stroke to protect and preserve

neurons in blood-starved areas of the brain.


An intriguing study published Tuesday suggests that a common antibiotic

used to treat conditions ranging from acne to respiratory infectionsi<

could have such brain cell-saving properties even when it is

administered up to 24 hours after stroke symptoms begin.


While doctors said more research is needed to confirm the study's

Getting started

Wow-- the brain fog, been meaning to begin documentaton so I can track progress and it seems I remember at all the wrong times and can't get to it or don't have the stamina at the time I remember either.  

 Really can't remember when "true" symptoms appeared but have always been super busy with career, kids, outside activities and many many stressors.  The stressors increased in 2003 when I lost my job, began work for a bi-polar verbally abusive physcian and put myself in a spiral of deprecating "prove myself" work behavior.  Then add a 13 week horrilbe ICU stay for my mother to finally lose her, other major family issues and 3 miscarriages in 2 years.

MRI negative - Must be endotoxins or Porphyria

I spoke with the nurse in my Dr's office today and my MRI (w/wo contrast) was negative. No demyelinationi, or any other problems. Funny because 3 yrs ago I had one that did show demyeliantion and some white matter changes but the neuroi said it was "nothing". The follow up a year later was negative. So these strange stroke like spells have no explanation. It feels like vasculitisi or encephalitis">i to me (but not on MRI) as I get strange squeezing sensations before I become confused (sudden onset) and dizzy. Then I get weak and can even feel it in my spinal cord. I also get this funny feeling in my head like I can feel hair growing out of my skull (very strange). Like inflammationi.

Antibiotics useful against CPn which cross the blood brain barrier well?

I recently recovered some information from the former web site of Dr. Sririam pertaining to the usefullness of antibioticsi against Cpni and which ones will cross the blood brain barrier.  What I don't know is how accurate this information is or why some antibiotics that appear to be less effective at crossing the blood  brain barrier were chosen.  Why the latter question?  Because at least one of the doctors who have devised protocolsi did so with the specific objective of treating Multiple Sclerosisi, a neurological disease.  Crossing the blood brain barrier is critical in the success of such a treatment.

Stressed Adrenals and CAP - Should I move dose up?

I had some problems with Doxyi months ago as some remember so I am now on Minocycline which is much better for me. I am working my dosage up and am now on 100mg Mino every day. I am herxing a bit, mostly fatigue that comes and goes, some days of mild brain fog and weird visual stuff, buy mainly good. However, my adrenals feel really stressed. I get jittery and tired and wired and feel at times like my body is just going to give way. Especially when under stress (I am a film producer and trying to keep my projects together while getting well and working out of my house). I have figured out that this is also why I wake at night with occasional chest pain and air hunger -adrenal problems. My parasympathetic nervous system just can't take it.

Help I am so confused

I am still trying to get a grasp on Chlamydia Pneumoniae, I just found out on 4-11-07.  But I have been sick for awhile  Cry.  I am just starting Antibioticsi again......eeeeek Foot in mouth.  My symptoms have been sinus infectionsi and uppper respitory infections , Phlaringitis, Broncotitis, Asthmai.  In and out of the Dr. office the month of April, and my throat swelled shut I could go on and on.  I ended up at an Infetious disease Dr.

I'm new and need help!

Husband dxi. with scleroderma Aug 06.  Probably symptoms started 2005.  has been on Harvard protocol 200mg mino/day since Nov. 30.  Symptoms reflux, raynauds, fatigue (reflux gone since dietary changes) so mainly raynauds (very slightly better) fatigue also low testos. - uses androgel every day (only been about 2 weeks) slight weight loss since dietary changes.  So overall symptoms are mild.  Has dry cough (comes and goes) over 1 year now.  Someone suggested testing for c pneu.  - IGGi high.  Now don't know which way to go regarding minocycline  and what to add and which dosage to use and for how long?  Does mino have to stop or is it part of treatment?  We don't have an AP dr.

Multiple neuroprotective mechanisms of minocycline in autoimmune CNS inflammation.

Neurobiol Dis. 2007 Jan 17; [Epub ahead of print] Links

Update on Treatment

Well, I have been on AP (doxyi) for almost a month. Have definitely been herxing, mostly in my hands, which makes sense, since that is where my disease has been the longest (Raynaud's for 25 yrs). Strange, because my hands have never been really painful, just extremely sensitive to the cold. Now I feel like I have RA in them, they start hurting during the night, waking me up, and are so bad in the mornings that I can't lift, twist or turn anything. But I think they have been better the last 3 days, so maybe I am over the hump.
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